Spring, Glorious Spring!

Okay so I still have a snowbank in my front yard which is about eight inches high and two feet long but... I have been consulting with @cowgirldiva and it is now official... well... almost official. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! :dance:

While it is true that the lakes around me (there are six lakes plus a number of ponds within four miles of me), are not completely ice-free yet, there are signs that the ice will be off very soon. Besides, I now have robins visiting my backyard and a few patches of pale green. Hooray!

K :princess: grabs Diva by the hand and whispers "C'mon Diva, we need to say thank you, even if... "

Ahem... Diva and I would like to thank those of you who live in warmer climates (by Minnesota standards, of course) for helping spring to arrive here. Even though it was a long and difficult trip, made even longer (K glances meaningfully Art Schnatterly (Art Schnatterly (@aliveintheword))) by some of you who shall remain nameless. We are admonished to forgive one another so Diva and I (K glances at Art again), forgive those who tried to obstruct Spring from her journey. You know who you are!

We'd like to thank Alison Stewart (@kiwibird), @mums and Gail A Odongo (@shani) for graciously reminding Spring that while they love seeing her, it was time for her to head north for awhile. We'd like to thank Billy Beard (@billyb) for sending her west and Alan Nethery (@shadowalker) and Benjamin Foulks (@galahad) for pointing her north. Thank you Kirk M (@blessings2you) and Beth M (@blest) for allowing Spring to rest at the B2Y Ranch before continuing her long journey and thank you...

K Princess pauses to think for a moment and then changes course...

Linda Young (@savedbyegrace) Thank you sooooooo much for finding and comforting Spring when that unfortunate incident occurred... and thank you Art Schnatterly (Art Schnatterly (@aliveintheword)) for helping spring get through all that snow in Missouri which came after you...sigh. Never mind. Thank you, Art for helping Spring head this way.

Oh, and @childlikeheart, you were the one that reminded her that in her zeal to visit the Redwoods in California and John B. Abela (@abelajohnb), she had sort of forgotten that little section to the east of you. The one with all the lovely ice-covered lakes.

Thank you, my friends! Spring has finally arrived!


K :princess:

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