Standing In Utter Amazement

A number of people here at CB are familiar with the struggles I faced in January 2010 after my claim for my employer's sick leave pool benefit was denied by the insurance company after I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Apparently, according to the insurance company, a ruptured brain aneurysm was not an acceptable reason for having to take time off from work. Go figure.

Cancer treatment and ending up in ICU in December 2009 had depleted any accumulated sick days I had. The denial of this benefit was a devastating blow as it meant our family suffered a substantial loss of income for two months. Step by step, God provided and though it left us reeling, we were still standing when it was all over.

This past January, I was put on a paid leave of absence by my employer so that it could be determined if there were residual effects from the trauma to my brain which were impairing my ability to teach in a primary classroom setting. It was determined that there were and that although for the most part, I was able to compensate, 27 seven and eight year-olds did upset the apple cart. I was put on medical leave on March 4th and after exhausting my sick days, I received my last check on March 25th.

Once again I applied for the sick leave pool benefit. Once again the insurance company was resistant to pay out this benefit which would enable me to receive 80% of my salary for the remainder of the school year. After submitting countless documentation, I heard from my employer that denial of my claim was once again being threatened.

I had to leave it in God's hands. This was so hard for everything within me wanted to fight this. My employer had been the one who had raised concerns about my health. I had done everything asked of me and three doctors concluded that while my brain is still healing, at this time it was recommended that I needed to be on a medical leave so that I could continue to heal. Yet despite all of that, I was facing denial of my claim.
Anyone who has had to file any sort of disability insurance claim knows it can be a difficult and frustrating process even when there is clear evidence that you qualify.

On April 1st, my husband got paid. He had worked so much overtime the first part of March that the overtime pay was nearly for the amount of one of my paychecks. That about made up for the loss of income we would have suffered on April 8th when I got a very tiny check paying out the last of my sick days which came to a total of one day. On April 15th, while the overtime my husband was paid was much less, it still amounted to about half of what my paycheck would be if I'd be getting paid on April 22nd. We continued to pray and trust God to provide for us and I know of some others here at CB who were doing the same on our behalf.

Today, shortly after midnight, I accessed my paycheck stub which will be issued tomorrow. My sick leave pool has been approved and I will be receiving a 80% of my salary for the remainder of the school year at which time, I will be ready to start teaching my summer classes.

There are times when the "fire" seems so fierce that we are afraid it will consume us. During those times, we absolutely must resolve to cling to God... whether we see Him or not. God knows what we need, when we need it... not what we think we need, when we think we need it. I am so thankful that I am not a :princess: wandering alone in a dark and dangerous world... I have a Father whose authority supersedes the authority of any man. remember that.


K :princess:

John Vorhees @john1515 ·

Hi kreynolds - Thank you for your blog. We have to learn to trust God -- it is hard because we often are afraid of the unknown. Matthew 6:8 tells us that God knows our needs even before we ask Him! I'm so glad God is good! John1515

Karen Seymour @ministrydeveloper ·

Thank God for your testimony of shear faith! This is the perfect understanding the believer in Jesus Christ can stand on. The word of God mixed with our faith produces the promises of God. Go higher!!!!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]I have a Father whose authority supersedes the authority of any man.[/quote] come we feel the need to take over the authority ?

The road you have been walking over the past several months has been another great rock pile in the middle of the road. I have seen you overcome issues at the rock face time after time and I rejoice in the blessings God is providing for you.



At one point my wife and I lived a middle income life style. My health degraded soon after we were married. And since my wife, in great love decided to provide my extensive care, was unable to work. So our income dropped below the poverty level where it has remained for 16 years.

Yet: (Psa 37:25) I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread.

Great testiment to His love K.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

k, i'm just going to say in a few words, thank you for all the times you shown the courage to "tell your story"and it's encouraging and comforting. be blessed and alway praying for you.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Amen. There is nothing that God cannot do for us when we trust in Him completely. :thumbs_up: Whenever I face troubles and problems, I will always tell the Lord that I will just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord yet I will continue to trust in the Father's love. Time and again, He has come through for me just as I see it in your case.

Thanks for sharing this blog that blesses me too, Sister K. :heart:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


Thank you my dear Sister for always sharing of puttting your trust and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus, regardless! Keep on a shining for Him , my friend and the Good Lord forever keep you and your family! Dave

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I praise God with you! :dance: He does provide for His children, whether it be through overtime or insurance, or the kindness of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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