Standing Together In Prayer

Tonight a dear brother and friend to many of us within the CB community is fighting for his life. Earlier today,Kirk M (@blessings2you) was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed as having a severe case of pneumonia. The oxygen level in his blood had dropped to 68 and he was becoming disoriented. As someone with heart trouble as well, this is a very serious situation. Kirk is now in ICU.

Several hours ago, a few CB members gathered together to pray for Kirk in the prayer room. My husband and I talked with both Kirk and his wife@blest via phone before he was taken to the hospital. I have also been receiving updates from@blest this evening. They are aware of and appreciate the prayers that are being lifted up on their behalf.

I am reminded tonight of a time when I was in ICU and Kirk wrote a blog requesting prayer for me. I am reminded of the many times Beth has lifted up CB members in prayer. They have truly been a blessing to this community over the years and love us dearly. Kirk has faithfully supported this site, desiring to be a "blessing2you" whenever he could.

Please join me in praying for Kirk's recovery. They have stood together with many of us in prayer. Let us stand together with them as well.


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Beth M @blest ·

:cry: :cry: :cry:
thank you thank you thank you
God's people are simply The Best.
:cry: Thank you

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Dearest God in Heaven, I pray in the lovely name of Jesus Your Son that You would help Kirk's oxygen level to increase, and deliver him as well from "all" areas of sickness in his body. Help "all" the medical staff to be alert to his needs and grant to them the knowledge they would need to help him every moment they are with him. Let him come to a place of rest and deliverance from all the emotional and physical stress illnesses like this bring on the mind and on the body. Please help his heart to be strengthened. And Precious Lord, I pray for help for Beth; grant to her a "new energy," and "rest" for her mind, body, and soul as well. Amen.

s to you Beth and Kirk... My :pray:s will be continuing.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Joining with you in prayers...Praying for our dearest bro Kirk.They both are a real blessing! Lordd...heal our bro...heal him right now..

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