Still I Will Follow

The Shepherd leads you down a pleasant path which runs through a field of fragrant grass and flowers. It passes by still waters and the air is alive with the music of songbirds. Oh, it is sooooooo good to be alive and it is so good to be with the Shepherd! The Shepherd picks you up and holds you close. You rub your face up against His. Oh how you love the Shepherd. It is such a joy to follow Him. You want to follow Him forever!

Wait a minute. What's this? It is suddenly getting rather chilly. Where did the sun go? Why did the birds stop singing? What happened to the path? Ouch! Okay, who put these stones here? They don't belong here. Someone could trip and... Oh!!!!! Someone did! :cry:

You cry out to the Shepherd that He must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. This cannot possibly be the right way. "C'mon Shepherd, let's go back!", you bleat. You even take a few steps backward so the Shepherd knows which way to go. He has nothing to fear. You will get Him on the right path again and all will be well.

What's this? Why where is the Shepherd going? Gasp! He is headed for that very dark and forbidding looking valley. There are a lot of trees there, a lot of places for wolves and other scary creatures to hide. You shake your head. No, that is not the place for sheep. There must be something wrong.

The Shepherd gently calls for you to follow Him. You always have responded to that call but this time... this time you hesitate as a terrible thought crosses your mind. Perhaps... perhaps the Shepherd does not really love you. Perhaps the Shepherd intends to destroy you in that dark and lonely place.

You are standing at the crossroads. Will you turn back or will you still follow Him?

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Oh, K. I believe that God has given you this blog just for me.


Justine Claudia Perrine @dasource ·

Fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment, fear of uncertainty, I believe we all go through that. I like your blog! It is hard to follow when all you see is darkness, but if you TRUST your Shepherd then He will lead you, with strong hands, the right way.

Thank you for the blog!


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