Suspended In Christ

Though I have seen it happen a number of times, every spring I am fascinated as I watch caterpillars transform into Painted Lady butterflies. It is part of our life cycle unit. Every March/April, a shipment of very hungry caterpillars arrive. When the time is right, they stop eating, climb to the top of the container they are in and attach themselves to a piece of filter paper. It doesn't take long for the fat caterpillars to transform into chrysalis.

They look so fragile and they are. They hang there suspended, looking as if they are going to become detached at any moment. Sometimes they do and if they are not "reattached" quickly, they will become deformed and possibly even die. Why? Because in order for the transformation to a butterfly to take place... they must hang suspended in the air.

There are many things in this life that we want to "hang" onto. We are tempted to anchor ourselves to our spouse, family, friends, money, position and even church. While these things in themselves might not be bad, they must not be our anchor. They must not take the place of God!

If we are to live victoriously, we must be suspended in Christ. To be suspended in Christ means we are trusting Him fully. No matter how much we get tossed to and fro, we must cling tightly to Him. Our life depends on it! One day... one day we will fully emerge, just the way He intended us to be.

May we faithfully cling to Him... no matter what!


K :princess: