Take Heed Lest You Fall

When you think about it carefully, you realize that pride is the root of all sin. This is not surprising since this is what happened to the enemy in the first place. Pride. Getting "puffed up" and not being content to be who he was, the enemy rebelled against God and in doing so, led others to rebel as well. The greatest of all angels, continuously in the glorious presence of God was not enough. He wanted to be God.

When we look at Adam and Eve, we see the same scenario even though the setting and the characters are different. It is like going to a play which has the identical plot of the play you saw last week. Adam and Eve live in a world built for and customized exactly for them. They are given dominion over it. They, the creation, walk in sweet fellowship and communion with their Creator, God. What more could they ask for? It wasn't enough. Listening to the lies of the enemy they sought to place themselves in a position which belongs solely to God, just like the enemy did. That is pride, my friends.

This may sound extreme to some and they may even want to argue this point. However, I believe that whenever we choose to do something our way as opposed to God's way, we are motivated to do so by pride. While we might not say it and indeed when confronted we will even deny it, our actions say that we either believe we know more than God or even worse, we know that we don't but we're going to do it our way, anyway. That my friends, is rebellion.

Pride plagues Christianity. It may wear a lot of different "costumes" designed to hide itself from us but you can be assured that it is following us closely, just waiting for us to let our guard down so that it can slip in through an open window or door into our hearts.

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. 1 Corinthians 4:12

Paul is not writing to the "heathen" down the street when he penned these words. He is writing to the nice "church people" at Corinth. You know, those Christians. He is also writing to us. You know, those Christians.

This verse stands as a sober warning that pride can slip into our lives and when we allow it to do so, we will fall. We must never forget who we are but at the same time, we must never forget who God is either. We may be His children, but we are not The Father. We may be princes and princesses of God but we are not The King. Let us guard against this sort of thinking and remember that all that we are is only due to the love, mercy and grace of God.


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