Take Joy In Serving

My daughter-in-law posted this quote on her Facebook page earlier today. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate the original author of this quote in order to give them the credit they are due so for now it must remain anonymous.

The thing that struck as I read her post however, wasn't the post itself. It was a comment someone made. They wrote:

Well, I don't like the word "serving" in this, because for me it has a negative connotation. But I do believe in being kind and compassionate.

Someone quickly posted the definition of serving which is "to perform duties or services for another" but I couldn't get the first comment out of my mind for it reinforced the idea that in our modern and self-serving society the word "serving" has become a dirty word.

Has it? With all the talk of volunteerism, the explosions of charitable organizations, the posting of pictures of people serving on social media, and so forth you would think not but what is the true motivation behind all of that? Is it for self-gratification or a true desire to service without the expectation of any type of reward? Is it so that you "look good" in front of an audience or a desire to share with others a need in which they can also help fulfill if they so desire. Would you do it even if there was no audience? Would you do it even if you receive no recognition or even a thank you? Would you do it even if the recipient was ungrateful?

Jesus did.

If we want to follow Jesus, then we must serve for that it what He did. He did not merely serve His friends and family, He served strangers. He did not merely serve those who loved Him, He washed the feet of the man who He knew would betray Him.

I would like to add something to the definition of serving in regards to Christian service. I believe it means "to take joy in performing duties or services for another without the expectation of recognition or compensation". 

Jesus did...and so must we.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Good word and definition of serving

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Paul went even further and I have had Christians object to being called slaves of Christ ... sad our "modern sensibilities" pull us from the truth.

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

thanks for the post, anytime we serve in any way we really need to ask ourselves our motives behind the service, am I doing this for Christ? really any other reason than for His kingdom would be in vain.

D Kelley @lineman ·

Love the word, “JOY” in your definition. If we do not have joy while helping others then we are serving for the wrong reason/motivation.
Jesus came to give us joy in how we live. John 10:10

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