Tales From The Shoemaker's...uh Techie's Wife

I just finished visiting a friend's blog site. She wrote a great story about trying to install a new printer, keyboard and mouse. It was supposed to be a simple operation but things just seemed to get more and more complicated. She was wondering if it just wouldn't have been better to have paid someone to do it or at least have someone in the family who could have done it for her.

Hmmm...that reminded me of a saying I heard once about how everyone in town had shoes...except the shoemaker's wife. The meaning is pretty obvious. Often your spouse (females included) don't like to practice their profession at home or with their own family. I can speak from personal experience on that one and thought I'd share one of my shoemaker's wife stories.

My husband has a degree in electronics. He's the media technician at a local college and has been doing live sound, video, theatre technical support, etc. for nearly 23 years. He can do repair work also but he hates doing it and if he's not pressed for time, he'll send it out. We rarely ever have new electronics. We get the stuff the college is taking out of inventory. The college is extremely well-off financially so they replace things every couple of years. This part isn't too bad most of the time.

A number of years ago, the switch went out on our only television. You couldn't turn it on. I asked my husband if he could fix the switch. He opened up the back of the switch and played around with it for a moment. I thought he was reconnecting something. I was wrong. He closed the set and went and got one of his many powerstrips. He plugged the TV into the power-strip pointed to the switch on the power-strip and said "There's your new own and off switch."

I stared at him in disbelief. "What were you doing when you had the back of the TV open?"

"I bypassed the old switch." he replied.

"Couldn't the old switch just be replaced?" I asked.

"Sure it could, but this will work just fine." said my husband as he left the room.

I stared at him in disbelief. Yes, it did work but...he fixed other people's electronics why wouldn't he fix mine? The only reason I could think of was because it was his TV too and he could fix it any way he wanted.

Over the next few years, when people looked a bit surprised at how we turned our TV on and off, I'd tell them about the shoemaker's wife. I think my husband got tired of it because once that TV bit the dust he brought another TV home. This time, it wasn't one that the college was getting rid of. This was a brand-new set.

Another thing I've always wondered is why do people assume you can do what your spouse does professionally? People always ask me about fixing their electronics or ask me what the problem is when the sound is bad at an event. I barely even know how to operate a camera. I never have to as I have my own cameraman, sound engineer, etc. He doesn't seem to mind doing those things for me.

After some thought, I finally came up with a response that usually quiets persistent people pretty quickly. "If my husband was a brain surgeon would you want me to perform brain surgery on you?"

Eyes usually widen as the person shakes their head. Then they laugh and say something like, "I guess you don't have to know how to do those things"

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

This carpenter's wife says amen, sister! Hehe, if you could see all the started-yet-unfinished projects around my place. Sigh. We started working on the garage several years ago and still can't park my car in it!

But I have to say, for all the years I worked admin in law offices, wouldn't you think my filing basket at home would be empty? All my important papers neatly and efficiently filed, alphabetized and categorized? Nope.

Can't wait till we get to heaven and I'm perfect. Guess my hubby will be then, too!

Thanks for the fun post!