Tell That To Jeremiah

The only thing Jeremiah was trying to do was obey God. That was it. God had given him a message and instructed him to share it so that is exactly what Jeremiah did. He was simply being obedient. Jeremiah did the right thing. He obeyed God.

From a worldly standpoint, Jeremiah was a failure. His message was rejected. He was mocked by his peers. He suffered imprisonment, heartbreak and loneliness. He experienced the horror of seeing the destruction of his country and the land being ravished. He saw the horrible bloodshed and watched as many of his people were seized and taken far away as slaves, never to see their homeland again. If only the people would have listened but they didn't.

We like to think that when we are obedient to God it means that we will be received with open arms. We like to think that everything will fall neatly into place and things will hum along smoothly. Isn't this a message often preached from our very pulpits? "Follow God and you will be wealthy, healthy and wise. Follow God and you will have a carefree life. If trouble rears it's ugly head, say a few words and 'POOF!' no more trouble. If it does not, then it must be that you do not have a enough faith or you have displeased God. After all, God would never permit His children to suffer, would He?"

Tell that to Jeremiah.


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