Thank You For Walking With Me!

My Dear CB Brothers and Sisters,

Words cannot express the feelings I have for all of you. I realize that I am a stranger to anyone who joined CB this past December but I wanted to express my heart-felt gratitude toward those friends who have come up along side of my husband and I and lifted up our arms when we could not.

Often times, we fail to call out people by name telling ourselves we might "forget someone", "offend someone not mentioned", give false pride, etc.
I think that is nonsense and a poor excuse for not giving honor where honor is due. Therefore, while I am grateful to all who prayed for me, I'd like to thank those who God called to walk beside me on this journey in particular

Blessings2You and Blest
KBird, Irishimport and Kgirl
Diva, Gracie, Galahad, PK, Poo, Bethy, John, Shani, Alight, Ladyvogue, Shadowalker, KK and of course, a number of people who have called out my name to God as well.

Thank YOU for being a blessing to me!


K :princess: