Thankful For The Moment

Most of the time, the pain is non-stop. That's the way it has been for nearly four months. During that time, I've lost about 15 pounds simply because the very act of eating or even drinking water can cause unbearable pain. I guess it's a good thing I have the weight to lose and at this point, there is no cause for concern.mrgreen.gif

At first, I ignored those pain-free moments. They were not good enough for me. I wanted NO pain... ever. Like an angry child, I pouted. I hadn't asked for this disease and there was nothing I did to cause it. I couldn't lay the blame on anyone else. In fact, they have zero idea as to what causes this disease or why it predominately affects women in their fifties and sixties. We don't know the answers... yet, though there is hope that some questions might be answered by 2020 and perhaps... a cure will be found.

It is a mistake to ignore the pain-free moments. I know that now. I am learning that I must thank God every time I can take a sip of water without pain or when I can enjoy a meal without feeling stabs of pain in my jaw or in my nose. Moment by moment I am learning that the day (and night) is filled with God's blessings and that He comforts me, despite the pain.

I am not walking this road of "pain" and "suffering" alone and neither are you. We must never forget that and when we remember that we cannot help but be... thankful.


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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Yes those pain free or even low pain moments are to be cherrished and no we are never alone in those pain filled times.

Thanks for the reminder.

pooh/Sandy B.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Thank the Lord we have one another and Him to walk the road with us.


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