Thanks For All Of The Memories, Christianblog-- My 500th Blog

The other day, I happened to mention to B2Y I would soon write my 500th blog. I was told that I needed to write something special as that is a tradition. LOL! I know he did but that was because it was the first time anyone here had done so. When you consider what was going on at the time the first 500th blog was written, it is truly amazing it was even written at all, and he has written more than 200 since that time last spring. While anyone can simply throw words on a page, it is another matter to write truly thought-provoking blogs which make you want to print them out, share them with others, impact you in a positive way and so forth.

I'm afraid that far too often I fall into the former category, rather than the latter so initially, I scoffed at the idea of writing a special sort of blog commemorating this milestone. Then I got to thinking... I am the first woman here at CB to do so and of course, the first princess to do so as well! :princess:
Okay, so it is a milestone of sorts I suppose so here goes...

As I thought about my 500th blog, I decided I wanted to reflect back a bit upon my time here at CB. I joined on July 29, 2007. While there are other members who have definitely been here longer than myself, I guess this does put me into the category of being an old member. At least, some of the "old members" have referred to me as such before. Of course, they could have been referring to my physical age :eek: Nah! Some of them are older than I am. Of course, Shani and Diva insist that I am not old. I've tried to explain that the package I'm in is old but they still insist I really am young like them. I take that as a compliment, actually and love the wonderful young women I've met here at CB.

I dug around in the archives and discovered that I wrote my first blog on August 4, 2007. It is called A Love Note From God . My first comment came from Effie and I see that Gracie was the first member to call me K. The princess didn't come until much later until I was in chemo. I couldn't remember for sure but yes, I also became a premier member on August 4, 2007 as well.

In December of 2007, I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Trust me, while it might usually be good to learn medical tests are negative, this is not necessarily true in this instance. This meant I was under a very aggressive chemo treatment and had it every two weeks instead of every three. This put I ended up being on medical leave from teaching from February 29, 2008 until late August when school began. Chemo was very rough on me and I pretty much was an invalid until the fall of 2008. CB really was an important way for me to connect with the outside world.

It was at that time that God asked me to do something I did not want to do. He told me I had to write about what I was experiencing and become vulnerable. By doing so I learned there are some incredibly compassionate and loving people within the Body of Christ but at the same time I learned there are others who are not regardless of what they may tell themselves. This saddens me more than you can imagine and I pray that we all learn to stop and simply think about what we say and do before doing it before we cause more harm to both others as well as ourselves.

My passion for reaching out to those who are wounded within the Body of Christ led me to form a couple of groups here at CB. The first one is a group for people with chronic illness and their caregivers. It is the third largest group here at CB with over 25 members. The second group is the largest group here at CB. There are over 50 women in this group which strives to minister to and support the women here at CB.

In April 2009, I got to help plan and participate in communion here at CB. Yes, probably most of you do not realize it but we actually had communion here in the chat room last spring. It was an amazing experience. People from around the world joined in to take communion together. We had a regular service with a moderator, prayers, congregational singing and a message. Some of us even lingered for a bit afterward to chat just like you do at church. LOL! Is God in cyberspace? That day we definitely proved He was.

Oh, the times of prayer I've been a part of! When a cousin of mine was airlifted last January and underwent an emergency c-section, the family was told mom and baby were not expected to survive. The infection was too severe. I came straight to CB and people began to pray. Little Bella and her mom are doing great! People prayed for me as I went through treatment. Hmm... I even remember that B2Y stopped long enough before heading to the emergency room of all places to send a message to me that he was headed to the ER. I happened to be in chat at the time and sent back word within a few seconds that prayers were already going up. I've had the privilege of prayer "tag-teaming" on more than one occasion with people around the world. It is an awesome thing!

Things have certainly not always been serious. Anyone here who knows me realizes that would be impossible. Anyone who shows up in chat eventually discovers my love of swords... and chocolate truffles. :princess: Oh how I love to laugh with my friends! I fuss about the limit of only 10 close friends for I would like the number to be higher. That is how precious many of my friends are to me. They are not just acquaintances, they are friends who I laugh and cry with. I even met my twin here at CB, Kbird . I never knew I had a twin living in New Zealand but I do.

I am chuckling as I remember other fun blogs/group discussions such as my cure for the common cold (DQ Midnight Truffle Blizzards), leaving the door open in the winter, Diva suspecting me of being responsible for the Denver blizzard last April (I'd just left Denver before it hit) and I had to stand trial and who could forget B2Y's Christian Blog Festival: Part 1 and Part 2 which had the most comments ever. There were over 102 comments on that blog. I thought about that blog when I got to actually hang out at the B2Y Ranch for a few days last August. I checked out the site and I gave it the coveted K :princess: seal of approval as a future site for the CB festival, just like I think White's Island in New Zealand is the perfect place for the Christian Blog Fire And Brimstone Tour 2010. I have not been there of course but Kbird gave it her approval and as you know, she is my twin down under.

This blog is far longer than I anticipated so I will wrap it up by saying this. Thank you to everyone who has laughed and cried with me as I've blogged here at CB. You have enriched my life more than you can ever imagine.

At the end of the day though, it is not about blogs, comments, chats, etc. It is about allowing the love of God to flow through and work through us so that others may see Him. I pray that I might have done that somehow and if I pray that I will continue to do so in the future.


K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

No, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for remaining faithful long enough to become the second member of the coveted "500 Blog Club"! Of course the rewards and perks aren't that great, but the realization of staying faithful to a cause for enough time to log 500 blogs is reward in itself.

Thank you for all the kind words and thank you for all your incredible "open heart" blogs and for all the times you organized and orchestrated prayer meetings and for leading fantastic groups. This site would not be what it is if not for all you have contributed. Thank you for all you have given and done.

See you at "700"!


John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·


Welcome to the [img][/img] club!!

Thank you for being a blessing to so many people here!


Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·


Although we've known each other such a short time now, I feel as if you are already my friend as well as my sister. Congratulations on your 500th!

God Bless!


Beth M @blest ·
:clap: :clap: :congratulations!: Oh, that's not a smiley :doh: But it should be! Congratulations on this milestone! And thanks for being such a faithful prayer warrior. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the prayers offered by CBers. Thanks for being the wonderful K:princess: that you are; CB has been richly blessed by your presence. As have I. :heart: so blest we met here...
Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

Congradulations Kreynolds on Your many blogs.

I love Your Princess brooch also reminds You of When You get crowned when You get to heaven.

It is a real Womans Crown also "very Pretty."

I remember Jesus Christ given me a dream of Him with a tall crown on His Head. So Crowns are
very important to the Lord.

And there's a verse that says run for the Prize! be a Winner! and You will also get Your Crown Sister.

Your Sister in Christ.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

(singing)...Congratulations and jubilations, twenty-six months down and still you're going strong...

Sorry..can't keep it up, my brain and fingers just can't get it together tonight!

K:princess: you are truly a treasure from God sent to bless and encourage us and I thank God for the richness you have given my life.
I pray that you continue to know the true blessing of God in your life and the constant touch of his healing hand.

Being your 'twin' is my privilege and joy.