The Blessing Of The Card

It has been a terrible week. Our furnace still isn't working quite right and we are praying we do not need a new one. My husband learned that he was not going to be paid an agreed upon amount and the check for the reduced amount is a week late. Since he is on unemployment and you must report any earned income for the week, whether you have been paid or not, this is a big problem because he has already been docked for the agreed amount by the state. Oops! What makes it even more difficult is this employer is a long-time friend. Now in all fairness, this person did not receive what they expected either but... yeah. It has been a very tough week.

Then my husband forgot to submit an expense report for another job and so instead of getting reimbursed tomorrow for a respectable chunk of money we paid out a few weeks ago, he will have to wait another two weeks. Sigh... it has been a very tough week.

Ah... you've had on of those too, eh? Perhaps not this week but I am certain you have had your share of rough weeks as well so you know what I am talking about. Nothing seems to go right. The bills are piling up and you do not know how you will pay them. Your spouse is irritable, your kids are noisy and obnoxious and they all keep tracking mud in all over your freshly mopped floor. The dog gets sick on your carpet right when your company is coming in and your both your refrigerator and freezer go out when you were gone for the weekend. Oh and did I mention that someone left the water on as well and refuses to confess? Sigh... this is life.

I went out to my mailbox today and discovered a card from one of the women in my Bible study group which is ending this week until February. I had mentioned that last week I could not be there because I had an oncology appointment. I also mentioned I was now five years out from chemo and I was coming up on my "cancerversary" on December 3rd.

Inside the card was a message that she was blessed to have me in the group, that she was praying for me and... $20.00 to enjoy a little dessert celebration with my husband. On the other card she had written these words:

Praying-My cup overflows surely goodness and love will follow you!

Now you have to know this part of the story. You see, before I started chemotherapy, I wrote a blog entitled My Cup Runneth Over. I won't repeat what I had written except to say that nearly six years ago God vividly reminded me that He would provide me with what I needed when I needed it. There are days when I need a reminder and I suspect you could say the same as well.

The second point I want to bring out is the importance of responding to God's little nudges. I am very grateful that my friend was obedient and was faithful in delivering God's message to me. I needed this message today. Not tomorrow, not next week but today. When God prompts us to do something, no matter how small, we need to simply do it. While we might not ever know the impact of our actions, God does and we can be sure that when we are obedient and do things in His name... people will be blessed.


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

[quote]When God prompts us to do something, no matter how small, we need to simply do it. [/quote]




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