The Broken Connection

Grrr... this was so frustrating! I hit the button to publish a blog I had been working on and got stalled. Sigh...
I tried again. Nothing. With a sinking heart, I picked up my telephone. Yes, my telephone. I have VoIP so if my internet service is down, I have no phone service. Yes, I could look at my modem but that is in another room you see so this is faster.

Sure enough, instead of a dial tone, I got a recorded message that my phone line was able to connect to the VoIP network. Sigh...

I started to head for my cell phone when I remembered... it was in my car. Yes, Kbird I know it is usually in my car but I do sometimes actually have it in my purse. This time it was in my car though and my car was 35 miles away at my mechanic's house. It had gone there for a... vacation. You know... a little rest and relaxation. Hey, it is not like it can get any rest when it is around me! It wanted a break and refused to start the other day so I sent it off on a ... vacation.

Do you realize exactly how hard it is to call your ISP when your service is down, your home phone is on VoIP, your cell phone is 35 miles away and your husband (who keeps his cell phone on him) is running sound at a summer festival in another town and will not be home until about 2:00 a.m.? I can tell you from personal experience that it is very, very hard to do!

The annoying thing was that my service would come up for about a minute or two and then go down for another five or ten minutes. I finally stationed myself in front of the modem with my cordless phone in my hand. I had pre-set the number and my finger hovered over the dial button. Oops... the light went red again just after I hit the number. I will have to move that finger over to redial.

Finally, finally I had success! The call went through. I held my breath as I had conversations with automated systems and was finally put through to an actual human being. Hooray! Quickly I told him I could be cut off at any moment and spilled out the problem.

Ah! There had been a problem in my area but it was now resolved. Whew! I hung up and could finally post my blog. I got to thinking though about that broken connection.

You know, throughout our lives we encounter "broken connections". Sometimes those connections are relationships with others. Sometimes they are our jobs or other situations. We can't do what we need to do, get what we need to get or even give what we need to give. The connection is broken and we feel helpless.

I am so grateful there is one connection in this world which is sure. That connection is God. Even though our world may be turned upside down, God instantly and clearly hears our every cry. He hears it and He responds to it. We may not always see His response but God always responds to our every cry. One way or another, He responds and He doesn't need an ISP or VoIP to do it. He doesn't even need to go on the internet! 😉


K :princess: