The Broken Dream

It seemed like he had it all. He was the favorite son of the richest man in the land. Things got even better. He'd had dreams. Great dreams which revealed that his family would even bow before him. It seemed like he was truly favored by God and life was good, exceptionally good until...

For 13 years his life was a mess. He was attacked and then sold into slavery by his own brothers. They told his father he had been killed by wild animals. He was taken to a strange land. He was accused of a crime he did not commit and thrown into prison. Now that was a far cry from what he had dreamed. His life was a mess and there was no hope of anything changing. It appears that his dreams had been wrong and all he had left was broken dreams.

Have you ever felt a bit like Joseph? I have! We forget that our story is not over yet and neither was Joseph's. You see, there were things Joseph needed to learn before his dream could be fulfilled and part of the "curriculum" involved being a slave as well as a prisoner. Was it an uncomfortable experience? Yes, it was but God deemed it necessary.

Sometimes we may wonder how we ended up where we are at. What happened to the promises of God? What happened to our dreams? As far as we can tell, our "dream" has been shattered and all we can see is the broken pieces lying on the ground.

We forget that God is the Master Potter. He takes those shattered pieces and He melts them and molds them into our lives. These "pieces" are actually necessary parts of our lives and help us to become who God wants us to be.

When the time was right, Joseph was ready to step into the place God wanted him to be. We can be confident God will do the same with us... in His time not ours. We can trust Him with everything. Even our broken dreams.



 K Reynolds
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Hi I can't say I enjoyed reading this. I wonder sometimes about those who are of the opinion that "others" out there would need the tremendous hardships that they perhaps would not recommend for themselves. I am not referring to you, K.