The Broken Mask

I can see them now, sitting in front of me, with their masks carefully in place. Their physical flaws are carefully hidden by make-up, hair pieces and/or hair dye and clothing designed to make you appear either larger or smaller, depending on your desire. They wear beautiful clothes, live in gorgeous homes with beautiful furnishings, drive new vehicles and take exotic vacations all funded by mounting credit card debt. They post pictures on social media, showing off their perfect family. Their children are all attractive, well-mannered and excel beyond compare in academics, athletics and the arts.They are the happiest of couples, living in complete harmony with their beloved all of the time. And... they are wearing a mask.

Over the past few years, I have regularly sat down at round tables with women and watched them hesitantly removed their masks. Often they are hesitant to do so, until myself and perhaps others show our real face. Then and only then have they had the courage to slip off the mask.

God requires us to remove ours mask. This is not only for our own good, it is for the good of those around us. 

Too many people within the Church have hidden behind the mask of hypocrisy. I am not saying they are not Christians. I am saying that it is hypocrisy when we hide behind a mask, pretending we live the perfect life when we do not, for no one does. It is hypocrisy to pretend you never face any challenges or have any doubts for all of us do.

When we follow Jesus Christ, He requires us to show our real face. He wants us to be real people, in a real world as opposed to masked images on pedestals. It is only when we remove the mask that people will be able to truly see us and more importantly, Christ in us.

Photo by josef.stuefer on / CC BY-NC-ND