The Broken Mind

Earlier today I was reading a blog by @cmlewis0 entitled A Beautiful Mind. As I read his blog, I thought about my brief experience with paranoia which happenedwhen I was recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm which occurred nearly three years ago.

I was asleep when the rupture occurred and although I had some very brief moments of being fully conscious over the next week or so, they were few and far between. I remember when my brain got "switched on" again, so to speak. For a week, all higher level functions had pretty much been shut down as the blood spill in my head was cleaned up by my body. My family tells me I only spoke when spoken too and the only words I said were yes and no. I had bigger fish to fry, LOL!

Anyway, I do remember when things suddenly got switched onto "full power" and I started to process and retain information once again. Unable to make sense out of where I was at or what was happening, my brain pulled out a memory from a movie I'd once seen actually. I can't remember the name but the main character woke up in a "hospital" only it wasn't reality. There was nothing wrong with him. He was being conned.

When I "awakened" I manifested paranoia. It was my brain's attempt to make sense out of something which made no sense and it wasn't pretty. Fortunately, the hospital staff was experienced with this (for this is not uncommon) and knew exactly what was happening. I also have to say that God intervened as well, bringing me back to my senses. I remember that part very vividly. Through all of the upside down confusion, in the middle of my accusation that a nurse had beaten me (I had huge horseshoe shaped bruises on my arms where they'd tried to run IV's and failed as I've had damage to my veins from chemo treatments and am also a diabetic), I suddenly "heard" a resounding "No. It stops here." in my head and immediately I was in my right mind again, though some of my friends and family might debate that. :wink:

Because of The Fall, spiritually we are all "mentally ill". Our perception and interpretation of things is skewered. We don't have an accurate picture of reality. We only have a picture of our perceived reality and when we are without Christ, that perceived reality is based on what the enemy says rather than on what God says.

God is always calling to us, desiring us to listen to what He is saying. He wants to heal us of our spiritual mental illness and renew our minds which will enable us to really see The Truth rather than the deception of the enemy, who is the very father of lies.

The question is, will we listen to His voice? Will we set aside our own perceptions, our own interpretations and take up His?

In my own little world, I did not know I had a brain injury. I was, too a certain degree, "safe". People took care of me and I didn't have to think about anything but at the same time, I was also simply existing. That was it.

Entering the "real world" meant that I had to face problems and deal with issues. It meant I had to to "feel" once again because one of the things which happened when the rupture occurred was that I had no emotions. I mean, I experienced no emotions whatsoever. There was no fear and no sorrow but at the same time, there was no joy or anticipation either. I experienced as much emotion as a sack of flour sitting on the shelf. I was also immune to "feeling" physical pain. Oh, my body reacted to it but the one time I remember being violently ill, I wondered why on earth I was making such a fuss about it. After all, "I" didn't feel the least bit ill at all!

I remember when I could "feel" again. The emotions came rushing back and tears flowed down my cheeks. Ironically, this occurred when I heard Christmas Carolers out in the hall. Without thinking, I cried... no screamed out for them to sing "Joy To The World". To the amazement of all, I began to sing along with them as the tears flowed uncontrollably down my cheeks.

Jesus Christ not only corrects our perception and brings us into reality, He also infuses us with emotions; not the diluted and contaminated emotions of this world but true emotions. It is only God who can heal the sick and broken spiritual mind.


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

" It is only God who can heal the sick and broken spiritual mind."

This is so true. Anyone who has ever been broken in body or spirit and been renewed by God knows how true this statement is.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

You can't have been that bad ... you recognised the chocolate chippie biscuit had your name on it :wink:!

[quote]The question is, will we listen to His voice? Will we set aside our own perceptions, our own interpretations and take up His?[/quote]

That is really the big question, isn't it? Do I trust God, or don't I? Errr ... do I have to answer that right now?


Wow...well you are a hero for overcoming that and thank God for that! Really enjoyed reading this blog and about your experience with this issue. God truely can prevail and 'cure' us of our illnesses. God bless!!

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Thanks K! I needed that! Big Hug :butterfly:

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