The Cancer In Our Soul

On February 22, 2007 I wrote a blog entitled Cancer-An Object Lesson On Sin. One week later I started dose-dense chemotherapy. During my most difficult days of treatment, I would think about this blog often.

While there may be differences of opinion in regards to the treatment of cancer (it is amazing how many opinions there are, particularly by those with no medical background whatsoever), everyone does agree on one thing. If the cancer is left unchecked, it will eventually kill you. It might be only a matter or days or it might be longer but it will be fatal.

Over the past four years I have heard some very sad stories of women who found lumps but did nothing at the time. Terrified at what they found, they told no one. They were aware of the existence of the lump but pretended like it was not there. Periodically they would check it and perhaps even wonder if they should make an appointment to see their doctor. Then, the fear that it might indeed be cancer would overpower them and once again they would do nothing.

Perhaps it would just go away. Lumps do sometimes go away... but not if the lump is cancer. So they wait and as they wait, the cancer grows. The cancer which may have just been contained within a one to five centimeter area has now invaded the super highways of your body. It has entered into your lymphatic system, vascular system or both. From there, it can quickly travel to other places and set up new "colonies".

I've heard the cries of women who chose to ignore the problem until it got so big, it could not be ignored any longer. Then they hear the words... "I'm sorry. The cancer has metastasized." What may have started out as stage 0 cancer is now stage 4 and there is no longer any talk about becoming cancer-free. Now the focus is on slowing the cancer down and trying to help you live the best you can in the time you have.

Sin is like cancer. When we detect sin in our life, it is easy to want to ignore it. We don't want to admit it is there. After all, we are a Christian. Perhaps if we pretend it is not there, it will go away but like I said, sin is like cancer. Ignoring the sin in our heart does not make it go away! Instead, while we are busy "ignoring it", sin grows. It spreads through our heart and firmly grips us.

We try a variety of treatments but there is only one treatment for sin. The blood of Jesus Christ. The Great Surgeon wields His knife which is the Word of God. This painful process is critical for the "cancer" must be cut out of you. Nothing can be left behind! We are infused with the Holy Spirit which seeks out and destroys unhealthy "sin cells" so that they may not take root and grow once again. The Light of The World radiates our flesh. Sometimes we cry out, believing that we might be destroyed by the heat which burns from the inside out but we must trust The Great Physician who knows exactly how to treat and heal "sin cancer". In fact, He is our only hope for Jesus alone knows how to treat and cure this disease which we were all born with.


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To kreynolds:

Very well stated. Amen. It's something we sometimes don't want to hear, but oh so true.

My brother has been fighting throat cancer for going on 3 years now and successfully, but it's been a tortuous ordeal. He has had radiation and three operations. The last operation was extensive and took out part of his throat and tongue. But, the miracles they can do today, they also gave him reconstructive surgery at the same time. That was last January. He has had one pet scan so far and no signs of the cancer. He lost one of his vocal chords for a while in May, but now is talking almost normally and has no problems eating. The scars on his neck and face are hardly noticeable. His thigh and arm where they had to take the skin grafts and arteries are the worst for wear, but he is doing great under the circumstances. He was out for a visit in May and I couldn't hold him tight enough. He looks so good -- younger and healthier than me and I'm his baby sister! Even in the hard times, God is good!

Deb Adams @beelady ·

Wow! Four years! That is fantastic. I'm so glad you're doing so well. It is a terrible thing to go through. My brother didn't have the chemo but he had to have 40+ rounds of the radiation. I wasn't there, but he would call me going to the hospital and we would talk and pray. Then, he would call me when he came out. I couldn't be there with him, but that was the next best thing. Thank you, Lord, for cell phones. We both had a calendar and did the countdown each day. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it. He had to lie so still and they put a clear box over his face with tiny holes and no oxygen. Sometimes he said he felt like he was going to panic, but he never did. He said he just kept saying the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm. He got through, but six months later, the cancer had returned and that's when he had to have his third and biggest operation. So far, so good. We give all the praise and glory to the Lord and are thankful to have my brother with us each and every day. God bless.

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