The Case Of The Missing Border

My fellow CB'ers, I regret to tell you that it appears that a crime has been committed here at CB. Something is missing. At least... I think it is. The border into the Land of Pens appears to be missing.

I have been zooming along happily here at CB ever since John started giving us points. I zipped through the crayons in short order. John said it should take a few weeks but I think I zipped through Crayon Land in a week and a half or so. No, I was NOT speeding! Really Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@Bethy), I was not! Ask @Christineingram. She loves to go zzzzoooooommmm er... I mean ZZZZZOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! as well and I am certain she will tell you that I was not been speeding. Besides, if I were speeding at CB, I would have to answer to Kirk M (@Blessings2you) and Alison Stewart (@Kiwibird) as well as John. Sigh...

Back to my story...

As I was saying, I zipped er... drove leisurely through Crayon Land, Marker Land and into Pencil Land. Confidently I crossed into Blue Pencil Territory expecting to reach the border last week. I expected it to be fifty points past the Blue Crayon signpost like the others had been but the border wasn't there! I mentioned something about that to John but he assured me I'd reach it further on down the road. I continued on my way for another fifty points looking for the elusive border. Sigh... it is no where to be found.

Now perhaps it is just further down the road but I am becoming a bit concerned. Perhaps it is just down the road near Sandy Brooks (@Poodlelady) or @Krafykatz. Or perhaps it has headed into over to see Raynard Shellow (@Iraqivetsgtret) as I heard he is doing some more baking for a church picnic. Hmm... it could be down at the B2Y Ranch begging Beth M (@Blest) to make her a cheesecake like she made for me last week. Of course, if that were the case, her dog Sheba would have quickly alerted her that there was an invader at The Ranch.

Linda Young (@Savedbyegrace), @Shadowslady and Deborah Pinnell (@Dpinnell5), could you look around down south? I was down in Kentucky last week and perhaps it just decided to wander down further into the Deep South. It is charming down there.

Shani Matthews (@Shanijane), could you see it the elusive "Missing Border" is down there? Spring is coming to OZ soon and there is some awesome music down there as well. I wouldn't blame The Border if it headed down to OZ or NZ. It is exactly what I would do if I could.

@Harkrider, you are on the road a lot. If you see the "Missing Border" wandering around out there could you please send it back to CB where it belongs?

Of course there is always the possibility that The Border did not simply wander off. It could have been... abducted. :eek:
I have my suspicions of who might have done the deed but I am not one to mention any names, am I Alan Nethery (@shadowalker), Christopher Quek (@arisensleeper), Billy Beard (@billyb), and @timcameron?

Is there a reward? Now Shadow, how can you think about money at a time like this? Yes, I know you have expenses, after all you just got another computer at your house but still... this is serious business. Our border is out there lost...

Hmm... how is your dog Taxi at picking up a scent?


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

Thanks for the chuckle, K! Enjoyed your lighthearted blog! blessings, blest

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Abducted?? Not me.. ..But the others perhaps :mrgreen: . Does that dog, Taxi, bite? (Just in case it gets on the wrong trail.)

I suspect that [member=John]John[/member] will know something about that missing border. Thanks for the humor. God Bless sister.

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

I'm holding the border ransom. .. You send me some warmer weather and I will send u the border in return. ;)

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Well, K :princess:, I've been out and about quite a bit this week. Sat with my BFF through her second chemo treatment this week, traveled the roads down here in God's country on the sunny and warm days, stopping long enough to enjoy the Encore Azaleas and Rose of Sharon that are in bloom.

But I haven't seen a border . . .


Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Never fear, K:princess:!!!! -TAXI is on the job! -She did find a border after an exhausting search that located two bugs, one rodent, and one squirrel, but unfortunately the border she found was the border for her invisible fence! :eek: (she is now slightly traumatized!)

But the search DOES continue even though my name has once more been impugned. My reputation tarnished, my image soiled, my character put in question...

Good luck with your hunt! -Enjoyed the blog!



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