The Comfort Zone Versus God's Zone

One of our long-time and faithful members of CB, @childlikeheart has shared with the community that he is about to venture into a new music ministry. As I read his blog entitled This Is My Final Blog and his comments in which he shared a bit more about what God is calling him to do, I thought about how often God calls us to move out of our comfort zone and into God's Zone.

Even when we are eager to be there, moving into God's Zone is usually preceded by doubt and even apprehension and fear. Much of this, of course is caused by the enemy. He does not want anyone moving into God's Zone and will do whatever he can to stop us from doing so. At the same time, some of it is simply because we as human beings are sort of fond of our own comfort zone, LOL! It is nice and cozy for us. We have everything just the way we like it. We decorate it by hanging up some pictures and perhaps displaying some of our own handiwork. We paint the walls, hang some curtains, select some carpeting and furnishings. We move everything around just the way we like it. Then, we settle down in our favorite chair next to our big picture window with our favorite music, books and of course, our computer. We sigh contentedly and gaze out at our lovely garden which perhaps has a little waterfall. I love waterfalls, don't you?

We're prepared to live the rest of our days in our snug little cottage but then God comes knocking at our door. We answer it and discover that He wants us to leave our comfortable cottage and follow Him. He asks us to leave our comfort zone.

Are we willing to do that? Are we willing to leave our comfort zone and get into God's Zone? It is a place that is "alien" to us. Just when we think we have it all figured out, we discover that we're not so smart after all. In God's Zone we discover that God calls us to do things we never thought or perhaps even wanted to do. We discover that in reality we are weak... but He is strong. We discover that despite our weakness and our fumbling about we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We discover that He enables us to go where we never thought we could go and to do the things we never thought we could do. You discover that there is no place you'd rather be... than in God's Zone. Are you willing to step into God's Zone or do you wish to remain in your own Comfort Zone?


K :princess: