The Conviction Of Things Not Seen

It is easy to claim to have faith in God when your income exceeds your expenses, everyone in your family is healthy, your marriage is strong, your dreams seem to all be coming true and all your prayers seem to be answered immediately just the way you envisioned them. That's not faith.

Faith is when you cling to the promises of God, even when your world is falling apart. Faith stands even when the house goes into foreclosure, you don't get the job, your spouse leaves, the test results say that the cancer has returned or someone you love dies instead of rising up out of that hospital bed and coming home with you.

Faith says, "I WILL trust God... no matter what!"


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

It's easy to believe and trust when all is going well but you are so right -true faith shines through when you keep believing and trusting God when times are not good.

Great blog K :princess:


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