The Cracked Glass

After church one Sunday, the children slipped out the door and were delighted to discover the parking lot as well as the vehicles in it were covered with a thin layer of ice due to a brief shower of freezing rain. One little boy got a brilliant idea which he shared with the other children. They could climb up on top of his father's car and slide down the window.

Oh what fun they had until... the little boy lost his balance and came down hard... I mean really hard on the windshield at just the right speed and angle. There was stunned silence and then to the boy's horror, he saw his mom and dad come of the church building and they were headed straight for him!

There was no way he could hide what he had done. He couldn't run away for his dad could run much faster than he could. Besides, where would he go and what would he eat? It was lunch time and his stomach was rumbling. He could attempt to blame it on someone else but then they would get into trouble and besides, everyone around him knew that he was guilty.

Oh how he wished he had never gotten that stupid idea in the first place. How he wished that he had stayed close to his mom and dad. If he had, this would have never happened but it had. There was nothing he could do to change that fact. He was guilty and he deserved to be punished.

His mom and dad were surveying the damage now. The little boy hung his head as his father asked, "How did this happen?" Everyone was eager to tell him the story... except for the guilty party. He hung his head even lower as tears filled his eyes. How he wished this had never happened. How foolish he had been. How could he ever look into his father's eyes again?

"I did it, Dad."

"Then you will have to pay for it. The windshield will have to be replaced and the person who damaged it must pay for it. This will cost about $100.00."

There was silence and then the little boy softly said, "I don't have $100.00, Daddy."

"No, you don't... but I do and because you can't pay your debt, I will pay it for you."

The little boy began to cry.

Oh Daddy, I am so sorry! I will never climb up on the car again. Oh Daddy! You would do that for me?

"Yes, I will pay your debt and I will forgive you because you see, I know you are sorry and ... I love you."


That boy is now a man but he has never forgotten the lesson his father taught him that day about love, mercy and grace. If his earthly father showed him these things, how much more so will his Heavenly Father do likewise and even more?


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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Beautiful! I feel as though I know the boy!

David Macy @heidelberg ·

Great story. It touched my heart