The Dandelion Bouquet

She ran out the door after breakfast on a fine spring morning. The long, cold winter was finally over and she danced about on the dew-covered grass. Racing over to a swing, she mounted it, backed up onto her tiptoes and then pulled her legs out from under her. She began to pump furiously until she was gliding through the air, higher and higher. As she did, she raised her voice up in song. She always sang when she was through the air. Some of the children in the neighborhood laughed at her when she did so but she did not care. She wasn't singing for them. She loved to sing when she swung through the air or was riding in a car so she always did. It was a simple as that.

After a bit, she decided to explore the yard. Even though she had explored it time and time again, she knew there was always more to discover. She had the heart of an explorer no doubt inherited from her Viking ancestors so she set off on an adventure.

Suddenly, something caught her eye. She detected gleams of yellow in the grass. Oh how beautiful they were! She gently touched them, feeling their softness. Then she had an idea. She would pick them and give them to her mother. Humming happily, she began to pick them. She gathered them together to form a bouquet and headed for the kitchen door. She smiled happily at the idea of giving a present to her mother.

She didn't have very much. Sometimes she had a few pennies, a nickel or a dime. Sometimes she joined her older brother and other children in the neighborhood and hunted for empty glass pop bottles which she could exchange at the little corner store for three cents a bottle. Generally that was used to buy a treat to enjoy with friends. Still, it wasn't much so usually. Sometimes she would "buy" a present with Daddy and that was nice but it wasn't a present just from her. This present... would be from her.

She presented her bouquet to her mother whose face lighted up with joy. Her mother gave her a big hug and a kiss and cuddled her close. The mother rummaged around for a suitable container and soon the dandelion bouquet was gracing the kitchen table and once again the little girl danced with joy. Her mother loved the gift she had given her!

Later that day, she excitedly told the other children on her block about her gift. An older child sneeringly said, "Dandelions? Don't you know they are not flowers. They are weeds! You gave your mother weeds!" Several children hung their heads as they remembered dandelion bouquets they had given. At first she was angry and retorted back, "They are not weeds! They are flowers!" but as the teasing continued, she hung her head and slipped away home with tears running down her cheeks. She had wanted to give her mother a gift but instead she had given her weeds.

She opened the door and entered the kitchen. She looked at the dandelion bouquet and it was as if an arrow had pierced her heart. She had wanted to show her mother how much she loved her and instead she had done a terrible thing. She had given her something nobody liked, a bouquet of weeds. How awful!

Mothers sense when something is wrong with their child, even when their back is turned. Instantly her mother turned around and seeing her face asked, "What's wrong?"Stifling a sob, she said, "I didn't give you flowers. I gave you weeds." Then she began to cry. Her mother took her in her arms and wiped away her tears. "You didn't give me weeds, you gave me a dandelion bouquet and do you know why I love it? Because it came from you!"

More than twenty years later, in a kitchen of her own, the kitchen door suddenly opened, as a little boy burst through. In his grubby hands was a dandelion bouquet. Grinning, he presented them to his mother. "I picked them just for you!" She smiled brightly and then gave him a big hug and a kiss. Then she rummaged around for a container that was just right and set the dandelion bouquet in the center of the kitchen table.


It is impossible for us to ever give God a gift He is worthy of. We simply cannot. All we have are "dandelion bouquets". They may be weeds but you see, God looks beyond that. He sees the heart of the child with the grubby hands who so desperately wants to show Him that they love Him and I believe that God loves dandelion bouquets.


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said and well presented - thanks.


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Great illustration of our giving to God. - Fig

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Love this, K:princess: They whole picture played out before me. Giving comes from the heart and is a reflection of what is inside. God is always revealing his heart, we just need to open ourselves up to receiving what he has to offer.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

A lovely story K :princess: ! Beautifully written and collaborated with the "perfect" picture of childhood innocence.

Blessings always...


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