The Dead Battery

Late this afternoon, I decided to run a few errands. I had planned to do them tomorrow but today was just as good a time as any. Besides, I had pretty much been holed up inside the house since Saturday evening due to the extremely cold weather. I'd poked out my nose a time or two but that was it.

As I pulled on my jacket, I suddenly stopped. Oh no! Just last night I had mentioned to my husband that before he left town this morning, we should try and start my car. We'd had subzero temperatures for a few days and though my car is in an attached garage, it had not been driven in nearly a week. My husband thought that would be a good idea and we would do it in the morning. Guess what. We both forgot.

With a sinking heart I went out to my car, inserted the key and switched on the ignition. My car gave a pathetic grunt and then there was nothing. At the moment, my husband was three hours north of me. He would not be returning until Sunday night. Now while it is true I was safe at home, I was grounded. What is a princess.gifto do?

It was in that moment that I remembered that we had not renewed our AAA membership in November due to very tight funds. Then I remembered that despite the continued tightness of funds, last week I strongly felt that due to the severity of winter thus far, it might be a very good idea to renew that membership. I remember I agonized over whether we should do it or not. Thankfully it seems that I made the right decision. I renewed it and now it seems that my "plus" membership has nearly paid for itself already.

I had to wait about two hours for someone to show up. I had been warned of that. I also knew that people who are sitting at home are not as high on the priority list as someone who is stranded out in the middle of nowhere and rightfully so. Eventually though, a nice man in a truck pulled up and walked into my garage with a portable battery charger. To a girl raised in Minnesota, these portable charges are marvelous things.

He opened the hood of my car and then when he was ready, he told me to start my engine. ROAR!!!!!!! Oh what a beautiful sound! dance.gif

As I zoomed down the road so my battery could fully charge, I got to thinking about how sometimes our spiritual battery might need to be recharged. We haven't been "charging" it like we should. We've become cold and over time, our battery can begin to drain. We suddenly discover to our dismay that we are weak and desperately need to be recharged.

When we call for help, we can be confident in knowing that God will not allow us to sit stranded along the roadside. When we get connected to Him once again, we will no longer be whimpering or even silent. We will roar back to life, fully recharged by God and ready for action.

We must remember something though. If I had not called for help, my car would still be sitting in the garage, dead. I had to want my battery recharged and then I had to call on someone who had to resources to take care of the problem. When it comes to getting our spiritual battery recharged, we must do the same thing. Will we?


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