The Garage Sale

This morning, while attending a women's group at my church, one woman shared this story:

Earlier this summer she had cleaned out her cupboards and closets and she decided to have a garage sale before the summer was over. As the time drew near, she simply did not feel like going through the time and trouble but felt impressed to do so any way.

The weather did not cooperate, the customers were few and in fact, she ended up closing down sooner than she had expected. She would take the items to a local charity and be done with it.

That should have settled the matter once and for all but it didn't. She could not get rid of the sense that she had to have a garage sale. Why? She had already followed the prompt to do the sale and things had not gone well. It has been a rather gloomy and rainy summer and it seemed as if that pattern would continue at least through the next weekend. No one wanted to shop at garage sales on cold, gloomy and wet days.

Still, that sense would not go away. She needed to have the sale once again. Though it seemed rather futile, though she would have preferred doing something else, she decided follow the prompt and do it.

The weather was poor and not many people showed up. Then a woman walked into the garage and walked over to a table that contained various Christian books and other materials, She approached her and they began to converse. It turns out that the customer used to attend another church in the area but had drifted away. They talked some more and an invitation was extended to come to the Wednesday morning women's group at our church which would be starting up soon. Contact information was exchanged and the woman left.

The excuses of why not to come, came along. They always do. Perhaps she would come another time but rather than simply not come, she called the woman who had invited her just to be courteous and let her know she was not going to be coming this time.

She heard the disappointment on the other end of the line. She had really hoped her new friend would be able to come. Suddenly the conversation shifted. Perhaps she would be able to make it after all.She did and during that time, as she listened to the Word of God, it penetrated her heart and she re-committed her life to God. A woman in despair found hope once again.

As I pondered this story, I could not help but think about the times God has prompted me to do this or that and sometimes it seems like I may have missed because I don't see the result immediately. Sometimes, God will even ask me to do the same thing over and over and over again to the point that I will throw up my hands in despair and say, "Why do you keep asking me to do this?" or "I must be mistaken,I am not really hearing from God."

We must hold the course and continue to walk in obedience... even if we do not understand.




"We must hold the course and continue to walk in obedience... even if we do not understand."

K you are touching on a most important aspect of walking in the Spirit. The natural man wants to know why and seeks proof. We tend to judge every action without a corresponding result. The natural man wants control. God puts us through training that will lead us, if we allow it, to deeper places of revelation and understanding.

We must trust that as we seek to obey God will show us, teach us, and if need be redirect us to the right path. Faith training!


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said and I agree with Barb - this is walking by faith not sight.


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