The Gift Of Giving

The short, cold afternoon was quickly ending as I stood at my kitchen sink. I glanced out the window and saw my neighbor crossing the street and coming towards my house with something in her hands. Pat's mailbox is directly above mine and sometimes our mail gets mixed up so I figured she had some of my mail.

I wiped my hands off on a towel, flipped on the outside light and opened the door to greet her. Pat didn't have my mail. Instead she had a Christmas gift for me. A Christmas gift that she had made for me. I opened her gift and found a lovely pair of warm and colorful socks that she had knitted for me. Over the years I have received hand-knitted hat, scarves and even mittens but I have never received hand-knitted socks. Never. I was moved by her gift even more when I realized that she had not only put some thought into it but some time and effort as well.

At the moment, I am wearing those colorful wool socks. They are just the thing for my feet on a cold Minnesota night when temperature is 10F/-12C and falling. They don't just warm my feet though. They also warm my heart.

My neighbor's husband was diagnosed with cancer last spring and by fall he was gone. It has been a tough year for her and I am glad she has a large family that is close by as well as her own children. Though her heart is full of grief, she still takes the time to think of and reach out to others. May we do the same.


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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Now, you told me they were colourful socks but I didn't imagine they were that colourful! They are gorgeous, and made even more beautiful by the sentiment that came with them. May warm toes be with you!


Beth M @blest ·

Amen, may we do the same!


Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

I see in this beautiful act of giving and receiving as a "knitting" together of hearts; and what a beautiful image that is and can only imagine how lovely the experience was for both of you. What a lovely sharing!

:heart: :heart:


Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Compliments to the knitter - I don't know why but I have never even wanted to attempt socks, always seemed scary! Enjoy this fine pair of socks fit for a :princess:

"Though her heart is full of grief, she still takes the time to think of and reach out to others"

This can be a life-saving reaction to sadness, can't it?

You know, there have been times when I felt so down and found myself earnestly praying to God to let me do something good, or helpful, or kind. At the time I always thought this was so I could help others, simple as. But actually ... looking back I often saw that God also used these little 'projects' to lift me back up onto my feet. His eye is on the sparrow.

Thanks for this blog; I will be praying for anyone who needs a 'project' right now.

God bless,


Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·

What a blessing! :flower:
Niki :princess:


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