The Godly Love To Give

It's quite simple really. We all understand how much children love to imitate their father. My dad was seriously injured while in the military and he was left with one leg shorter than the other. He wore a lift in his shoe to compensate for this but around the house, he'd often slip off his shoes so at home. Without the lift, he would walk on the ball of one foot to compensate for the difference. When both my brother and I started to walk, my mother noticed that we had a bit of an odd gait. It finally dawned on her she'd seen that odd gait before... we were walking exactly like our father.

There is a trait our Heavenly Father has which we often choose to ignore. He loves to give. Oh, we love receiving from Him and sometimes we even acknowledge His gift, though not often enough I suspect. However, when it comes to giving we often mumble and complain. We talk about how if other people would get their act together there would be no need give in the first place. We would give except... well... we think that pastor has enough money and does not need anymore or perhaps if we give the person would just blow it foolishly. We forget that these people are not answerable to us. They are answerable to God who will hold them accountable for how they use or misuse his money. That sort of puts a different spin on things doesn't it.

Another thing we sometimes do is get this incredibly sorrowful look on our face before saying, "I would love to give. Really I would BUT... I don't have enough money to give." Thus we soothe our conscious and feel good about ourselves because we would if we could but we can't. Convenient isn't it. Of course, it never seems to occur to us that perhaps we should actually ask ... um... God about what we should do. Maybe, just maybe God will say, "I think that is a great idea! Go ahead, give and I will make sure you have what you need also."

Nearly two years ago, when I had to stop working, I prayed a prayer. I asked God to help us to not only be able to continue to give; I asked Him to help us to be able to give above and beyond what we have ever given before. Do you know what happened? As the income dropped, the giving went up. Now normally this would mean that something somewhere was not getting paid, right? Except... that is not the case. Or perhaps all of our bills could be paid on our income. Wrong again. During most of this time our expected income was more than $1,000.00 less than our monthly expenses. Now we are running a mere $700.00 or so and yet... the "oil" has never run out. One way or another, God has continued to provide exactly what we have needed when we need it.

Are you imitating your Father when it comes to giving? If not, it's not too late to start.


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

"Maybe we should ask God." I felt that one. Way to often I tend to bull ahead and ignore the Lord. A very good point and your witness to God's bounty is a true blessing. My wife and I were talking not two days ago that based on our income we live much better than we should. My computer died and there was simply no way we could afford another one. I was so morose my wife insisted we go to Wal-Mart and just look. I agreed only because she was so insistent. I just knew we could not afford a new computer. We found a computer that had what we needed for a price we could afford. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Giving doesn't have to be just money either.

There is so much we can give. It could be a possession we have that someone really could use.

A kind word to someone that is lonely or hurting.

An afternoon spent with someone needing encouragement or just help with getting to the store or needing a babysitter so they can have a little much needed alone time.

A gift or a card for no apparent reason, just because you we thinking of them.

Giving is a wonderful thing. Not only is the one receiving it blessed but the giver is blessed as well.

Blessing K :princess:


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

I just finished studying about Tabitha from Acts. She gave to the poor, especially the widows who were at the bottom of the ladder in those days because there were no government safety nets for them, or anyone else. We are led to believe that much of her giving was in the form of making garments for them. clothes in those days were much more valualbe than today. In other words, she gave of her skill and time.


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