The Great CB Cake Caper

It was a dark and stormy night ...
What's that? Oh, okay! I'll begin again. Ahem...

*K :princess: ruffles through her script.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, I'll take it from the beginning. It was a dark and snowy night.

Hm... actually, I don't remember if it was actually snowing or not. I'll check and see.


Diva? Was it snowing at night last January? I think this story begins in January and we got an awful lot of snow last winter so that means it was probably snowing, Diva. Right?

I think that was a nod in the affirmative so I will continue with my story.

It was a dark and snowy night in chat.

Uh, what's that John B. Abela em>(@abelajohnb)</em? You hate snow? Yes, John, I know you hate snow but...
Sigh... you're right. You would never ever allow snow to invade the CB chat room. Of course... there was that time when you blew up the chat room and everything went black. Remember? You had to change the font color to white. Of course, then when you got the background back to white, the font was still white and we couldn't see what we were saying. That was like a white-out... sort of, without all of the cold. Couldn't we pretend that was snow?

Sigh... you hate snow so there is no snow allowed in chat. Even if it is pretend snow. I gotcha.

Now where was I? Okay. Although, it was a dark and snowy night in Minnesota, in chat it was like a lovely day in northern California.

The chat room fell silent as the door opened and a delectable smell penetrated the room. This could only mean one thing. Raynard Shellow em>(@iraqivetsgtret)</em (aka Vet) was here and... he d been baking, of course!

Mm... yummy! Chocolate cake! K Princess was just about to reach for piece (for K Princesses must have chocolate to exist, you know), when Vet asked her if she would like a cake of her very own. A whole cake, baked by CB's very own baker? Oh, joy upon joy!
K Princess danced wildly about the chat room, expressing her gratitude for such a gift. Her very own Cake By Vet was simply too good to be true.

She told all of her friends of her good fortune Then she waited and waited and waited... and waited. No cake.
There had to be some terrible mistake! Vet had told her he would send her the cake but it never arrived. :cry:

Certain that Vet would keep his word, K Princess decided that her cake must have been snatched but by whom and most important of all... where is the missing cake?

This was too big of a mystery to solve on her own but... K Princess has friends all around the world. So, she decided to ask the CB community to help her solve The Great CB Cake Caper.

Hm... maybe it is down at the B2Y Ranch? Kirk M em>(@Blessings2you)</em and Beth M em>(@Blest)</em, have either you or Sheba seen a suspicious-looking character with a scrumptious chocolate cake? Or maybe you have seen it Art Schnatterly em>(@aliveintheword)</em?

What about you, Marsha Tyler Ronquist em>(@kraftykatz)</em, Linda Young em>(@savedbyegrace)</em, Sandy Brooks em>(@poodlelady)</em, Shirley Calhoun em>(@startingover)</em, Benjamin Foulks em>(@galahad)</em or @childlikeheart? Have you seen my chocolate cake?

Hm... maybe it is in Hawaii, riding the waves. Erin Lonsford em>(@angel4jesus)</em, have you seen a lost chocolate cake hanging out at the beach?

Of course, it could be... hm... I've heard that Ireland has had a lovely spring this year. Perhaps the thief took it there to enjoy the balmy Irish weather. Joyce Bethy Ferguson em>(@Bethy)</em! Have you seen my cake? No, I don't have a description of it for I have never seen it. Vet could probably give you one however.

What s that Alan Nethery em>(@shadowalker)</em? A reward? Well, I hadn't considered it but... Wait! You find my cake for me and I'll see what I can do about a reward, okay?

Let s see, I could ask @harkrider to be on the look-out for it. He's on the road a lot. Hm...
Oh! After getting a description from Vet, Alison Stewart em>(@kiwibird)</em could make up t-shirts. She d be much better at me than designing it but if everyone at CB wore them, I am sure we'd find a lead in no time!

Shani Matthews em>(@Shanijane)</em

Have you and Jodie seen it down in OZ? Well... I thought perhaps the thief might have noticed all the Christmas lights at your house last winter and decided to head for OZ and do a little sightseeing. That is what I would do, Shani... head for OZ.

What about the rest of you here at CB? Has anyone seen my chocolate cake? If you have, please post your information here and perhaps... we can solve The Great CB Cake Caper!


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Nope! Sorry, but I haven't seen it. I did think of making a big yummy chocolate cake today but I got busy passing around homemade bread to the neighbours. This blog is going to make things worse...I will HAVE to make a chocolate cake now! I wonder if Lucy or Awhi could find it for you. I mean, they aren't exactly sniffer dogs but I know that if I am ever eating something they can find me

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

A missing chocolate cake eh? Let me think hhmmmm

Nope I don't think that I have seen such a delectable delight around these parts for a while now. I wonder though if you ever had neighbours who were mean and refused to give you back your ball if it strayed into their garden, because Im thinking what applies to balls, in my case, will apply to chocolate cakes.

And as to the lovely spring we have enjoyed. It has gone the same way as Vets cake. LOST!!!!!!

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

chocolate cakes.. hmmm.. let me think.. I dont remember seeing one. I do however remember coming across a fresh batch of triple chocolate cupcakes that the wee kid made :).. but as for a cake.. i have no recollection. I will holler at jodie and see if she has seen any around..

Hmmm. now Jodie says she knows who took it but i will have to pay her money to get it out of her. darn kid! lol. too smart for her own good!!
i will see what i can do at my end, however she is as stubborn as a mule so the chances of worming this information out or her are quite slim. eeek! :)

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

well, i do have to bake a chocolate fudge and a marble cake this week. i promise not to leave any crumbs.( and will clean up after myself lol

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

K, I think it is probably still in Vet's Jet Plane, stranded somewhere near the arctic, because of all the ash coming up from that volcano. :doh:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Hmm.. Post office and January being a bit late for the culprit to be out and about. Hark... you are not suggesting that... :eek:

No! It could not be. That person always crosses the international dateline after delivering the last of his packages on Christmas Eve and heads for his favorite vacation destination which is... Oceania. If I recall correctly, Shani Matthews em>(@Shanijane)</em posted some video footage here on CB once showing him vacationing at the beach in OZ on Christmas Day.

Now Alison Stewart em>(@kiwibird)</em and Ian Stewart em>(@irishimport)</em have assured me that it is unthinkable to even consider spending only four weeks vacationing er... on holiday in Oceania, especially in late December, January, February and March. They ought to know as they have been vacationing... er... they have been on holiday in Northland for nearly a year and have no intention of leaving. Something about being close to the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean, warm weather, sitting in a spa under a star-spangled sky, fruit trees, etc...


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