The Great Cover-Up

Thanks to the snow this weekend, my yard is nowhidden under about seven or eight inches of snow. To tell you the truth, I rather like that. If I can't have a lush green backyard, I would just assume that the dead-lookng mess be covered by a nice white blanket of snow that sparkles in the light. I no longer have to gaze at the ugliness that lies beneath it. Since winters are generally long in Minnesota, there is a good chance I will not see the ground again until March or early April.

It is supposed to be a bit chilly tomorrow morning. The temperature is falling and will be about -20F/-29C tomorrow morning. The sun will be shining though and I am thankful that I have both a furnace as well as a fireplace. I am also thankful there is a little heater under my desk to warm my toes. Most of the windows in my house are oversized which is wonderful most of the time but when it gets this cold it is not quite so nice. I am thankful for warm, cozy slippers.

The landscape looks beautiful from my window. It actually looks better, cleaner than it did the other day. The problem is, in reality there has been no change. The "mess" is still there. It is simply covered up. As for that clean white snow, well, it isn't so clean. Those of you who like myself, live in snow-country, know exactly what I am talking about. When that clean-looking snow begins to melt, the dust or pollen particle around which the snowflakeformed is revealed. In other words, the heat eventually reveals the truth.

We can appear to walk the walk and talk the talk as much as we want. We can try to cover up our true nature with an image that appears to be as pure as the driven snow but we are not fooling God even though we may fool others. You can be sure that eventually, our facade will melt away and the dirt and ugliness of our heart will be revealed.

It is not too late! David wrote Psalm 51 after being confronted by God after committingBathsheba and ordering the murder of her husband Uriah after he discovered Bathsheba was with child. (2 Samuel 11-12:1-14). David not only admitted and repented of his sin, he asked God to purge him, purify him and create in him a new heart and a right spirit.

While there were terrible consequences as a result of David's sin, God heard and answered David's prayer. We do not have to remain ugly and dirty, hoping that no one will see us beneath the snow of our own self-righteousness. We can pray the same prayer David did and God will purge us and transform us so that we truly will be whiter than snow.


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful bog - but not the winter - too cold for me

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Take care and keep warm in the winter.

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