The Great iPhone Incident

I didn't notice it until later this afternoon when I was talking to my mom on my landline. When she mentioned a recent picture of my grandson, I pulled out my phone, pulled up the picture, gazed at it admiringly (I happen to have a very handsome 4 month old grandson) and set my phone face down on the desk. A couple of moments later, I happened to look at it and gasped. There was a suspicious-looking line near the upper left-hand corner. Was that... was that a crack? Further inspection revealed the truth. There was a crack in my phone case.  

It was then that I recalled an incident that happened earlier that morning. It was an incident so trivial that I had forgotten it until I noticed the small crack on the back of my phone case. I had dropped my phone onto the concrete floor in the utility room. It had happened so fast and unexpectedly. I had just as quickly scooped it up, looked at the face and went on my merry way without bothering to inspect the back of the case. Apparently the upper corner had taken the brunt of the fall and it now had a hairline crack to prove it.

Though the outside case was damaged, what was inside the case, my phone, was just fine. Obviously this would not have been true if my phone had not been enclosed in a very strong and secure case. It is not a cheap phone case but what it protected was far more valuable. I'm glad I paid the price to keep it well-protected.

While the damage wasn't great, I decided that I probably should replace the case soon as cracks tend to grow. While surfing the web, looking for a new case, I discovered that there was a very good chance my case was still under warranty. Hmm... I would have to check this out. I didn't have the receipt but knew where I had purchased it and I knew it had been purchased last September. 

I was successful. I found the transaction and contacted the store who in turn put me in touch with the manufacturer. That's when I learned that this manufacturer stood by their product so much that I had a lifetime warranty. After giving them the seriel number as well as some other information, I was told I could expect my new case within a week or so and the only thing I had to pay was a shipping charge and sales tax which all in all amounted to just over $5.00. I can assure you that if I had to buy the replacement case, it would have cost far more than that. 

As I reflected on "The Great iPhone Incident" this evening, I thought about we sometimes get damaged on the outside. We fall down, get tossed about and perhaps even get lost for a bit but what is on the inside is far more important and some how, God really does protect us more than we can ever possibly know. At no charge to us, He lovingly restores us, removing the cracks and dings that we get when we fall down. 


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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

How many of us are able to relate to this blog on so many levels. Truly love it.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

very nice