The Great Symphony

The orchestra is assembled. Each musician has their instrument and is set in their proper place by the conductor. They do not tell the conductor where to place them, the conductor tells them.

The conductor carefully selects the musical pieces which the orchestra will perform, not the musicians. Some of the pieces will occasionally feature certain sections or even individual musicians but most of the time, it is the entire orchestra coming together and enhancing the work of one another to create a beautiful piece of music.

The conductor listens carefully. Something is not right. The conductor identifies the section where there is trouble. Sometimes the correction is simple but sometimes the conductor must identify a single musician and work them until the error is corrected.

All eyes are upon the conductor. They are not on one another for if they are, they will miss their cues. They will come in too early, too late or not at all. They will play at the wrong time, they will play too fast, too slow, too loud or too soft. They will not be in sync with the orchestra and instead of making music there will be chaos. It is never good to be in chaos.

There are times when I realize I am not being a good "musician". I want to sit where I want to sit. I want to play my own music, not the music the music composed and set before me by the conductor. I get restless when others are featured and want to have people hear my music instead. I want to play solos and am not content to be in harmony with the other musicians.

When the conductor tries to instruct me, I get defensive and impatient. I am doing it right! I am not the one causing the problem! It's the flutes, the french horns or the drums. Hmm... if only the clarinets play, the problem still persists. Well, it must be one of the other clarinetists. It can't be me! Why not? Sigh...

Then I find my eyes wandering away from the conductor. I am too busy thinking about what I am going to do or what someone else is doing or not doing. When I do so, I miss the mark. Sigh... I'm out of sync yet again. :doh:

The good news is "The Conductor" is loving and patient, full of mercy and grace. Despite the mess I am in, He takes me aside and personally instructs, corrects and encourages me. It is His desire that I be the musician He has designed me to be. If I listen to Him and practice and apply what He has taught me, I will be... and so will you.


K :princess:

Lum Patterson @lummichaelpatterson ·

Once again you have done a masterful job in teaching the principles of Christian life. Keep up the good work. Yours in Christ, Lum