The Importance Of Giving

Today, while I was out running errands, I was listening to the local Christian radio station. Suddenly, my attention was riveted when I learned that earlier that day, they had teamed up with a local grocery store chain in my area and had distributed some $100.00 gift cards at several locations.

That wasn't what really caught my attention however. I mean that was very nice but there was something more. You see each recipient was informed that there was a second gift card. This card was not for them. It was for them to give to someone else who needed to be blessed. I really liked this, not just because someone else got blessed but because when we have received, it is very crucial for us to "pay it forward", one way or another. If we do not, we are at great risk of having selfishness and pride take up residence in our heart.

Our Heavenly Father is a giver. Look at all He has given us! As His children, we need to be imitating Him. Since God is a giver, we ought to be givers as well. Are we?


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