The Ivory Tower

The Princess looked down from her tower. To tell you the truth, the view was rather breath-taking and she felt safe and secure up here. She was far away from all of the clamour and the pushing and shoving of the crowd. Everything was nice, neat and comfortable.

She was too far away to clearly make out everything but it seemed like there was a great deal of trouble going on down there. She shaded her eyes for a moment, trying to determine what was going on but then decided that it really didn't matter. She knew that some of the King's servants did venture out onto the streets but... she shuddered. It seemed so "messy" down there and it was definitely not a place for a princess...or was it?

She pushed the thought away as soon as it struck her. Go down there? Why that was absolutely ludicrous! Surely that idea came from the enemy! He was just trying to lure her out of the safety of her ivory tower and she would not listen to that for a moment. After all, The King wanted her to be safe as well as happy, right?

Sigh. That unpleasant thought that she should come down from her lovely tower and go out on the streets just simply would not go away. Hmm... perhaps she could send some money to The King's servants who were already down there. Yes! There was no need for her to go down there when others were already there. She would just get in the way. She ran for her jewel box and made a few selections. Yes, these would surely go far in helping someone.

As she busied herself preparing her package, she suddenly was aware that she was not alone. The King was there right beside her, inquiring about what she was doing. Eagerly she started to tell him but at that moment, she suddenly realized that something was very wrong. The King had another question. Why wasn't she going down herself?

The Princess was speechless for a moment. Then she remembered that the enemy had thoughtfully prepared a list of reasons for her just in case The King asked her such a question. Whew! She grabbed her list and started to read from it. Uh-oh... somehow this list didn't sound so good now. In fact it sounded awful!

Tears filled her eyes as she thrust the list aside. She knew that she must leave the beautiful Ivory Tower and go down on those muddy, dreadful streets. She did not want to do that. She did not want to get joustled about in the crowd. She did not want to get knocked down and covered with mud. She did not want to be cold, hungry and even afraid at times. She wanted to be safe and snug above all the ugliness and troubles of the world.

The King looked at her with his beautiful eyes full of compassion and love. What she said was true. If she climbed down out of her Ivory Tower, sorrow and suffering would await her but He needed her there amongst the people to be a witness... His witness that they were loved and could be set free from their chains of bondage. Would she go?

The Princess was silent for a long time. Finally she whispered, "I will go, if you will go with me." And so He did.


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