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Over the past few weeks, I have made sure I check out the Facebook posts of my husband's cousin who is in hospice. I can't help but notice how his posts have changed over the years. There is no sarcasm, there is no gossip, there is no drama or bawdy humor. There is only the Word of God and he is posting in an effort to shine the light of Jesus Christ into his world, a world that his doctor fears he is likely to be leaving all too soon. 

I remember a day in 2009 when I wrote what could have very well been my last blog. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm shortly thereafter and when I finally returned home, out of curiousity, I opened my blog archive just to see what I had been writing about prior to that time. When I did so, I discovered I had written a blog just five days before entitled When The Music Fades. I ended the blog with these questions:

  1. When the music in our lives fades, will we continue to follow the direction of the Choreographer?
  2. Will we still continue to express our love for Him?
  3. Will we still continue to trust Him?
  4. Will we still keep dancing?

Three days before it happened, I wrote a blog entitled Wrapped In God's Blanket which was based on Psalm 23. The last blog I wrote was a humorous piece about free Minnesota White Christmas Kits in which other members joined in the fun.

I was glad that what may have been the last blogs I ever wrote contained words of encouragement and even humor rather than hurtful ones.

Most people are unaware of when they will say their last words or do their last actions. We have no promise of tomorrow or even the next moment. I would hate to have my last words, my last actions be hurtful or even hateful ones that continue to be linger in someone's heart and mind long after I exit the stage. 

May our words and actions always edify Christ which live on eternally.

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