The Little Things

While reading a blog by @spaulphil entitled Making Cents Of It All, I got to thinking about how small thing can quickly turn into big stuff if we are not diligent about it.

I must go to the doctor's quite frequently so that they can look for "the little things". This is just not in regards to cancer and brain stuff. This is also in regards to diabetes. One of my chemo drugs damaged nerves in both my feet and a portion of my left hand. As a result, I have large patches of areas where I do not have much feeling due to neuropathy. This is something diabetics frequently experience as their disease progresses. Since I already had it... well... I now have professional foot inspections.

I have permanent damage done to my feet and toenails as a result of a chemo drug called taxol. This is the same drug which damaged nerves in my feet and my left hand. I am very thankful that I still have some feeling in my feet and my left hand. I am very thankful my right hand was spared (I'm right-handed). Although it worsened when I had the SAH, it has slowly improved over the past two years. It is now back to where it originally was when I finished chemo. My neuropathy had left my left hand altogether by the time I had the SAH so I am hopeful that it will continue to improve.

Every eight weeks, I hope into a chair which gets raised so that the "foot nurse" can examine and care for my feet. Foot injuries or problems which may be very minor for the average person can become quite serious for the diabetic. This is why my feet must be carefully examined. The nurse is just not looking for trouble, she is looking for potential trouble so that it can be monitored and addressed before it develops into something which could easily get out of control.

Do we regularly "hop up into the examination chair" and allow the Holy Spirit to examine our spiritual feet? Do we willingly hold them out for inspection? It can get a bit scary when he pulls out His tray of instruments and begins to turn our feet this way and that, carefully examining them.

After a thorough inspection, He begins to work on them, smoothing down things here and there and then getting out the dreaded clippers. Sometimes, it's not so bad. He is gentle and knows how to do things expertly. But sometimes OUCH! There was a problem and some things needed to get dug out or clipped down as close as He can possibly get without injuring you. It must be done or you could get a serious infection which could lead to becoming crippled or even death.

You know what? Despite the nerve damage, I do feel some of this at times. The last time they ran into a problem on two of my toes. A couple of hangnails had started so the nurse got deep down to get rid of them and worked to prevent them from coming back. Usually it feels soooooo good after having my feet worked on but not this time. They hurt! The next day they hurt even more. OUCH! But, now they feel great and the nails are growing properly again.

The cutting, clipping and digging of the Holy Spirit may not always be pleasant. In fact, we may experience pain afterwards but we must remember, He knows exactly what He is doing and what He is doing is for our own good. He wants to keep us spiritually healthy and strong.

Let us not neglect or avoid regular examinations by the Holy Spirit.


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