The Lord God Is Our Provider

I am writing this blog in hopes that it will serve as a reminder that we are not fatherless in this world. Rather, we have a Heavenly Father who knows and cares for our needs. Yes, that picture is me and my dad. It reminds me of how my Heavenly Father surrounds me and helps me... even if I think I am doing it "all by myself".



K :princess:

It is no secret here that I battled an aggressive form of breast cancer two years ago. I was a member of CB when I was diagnosed and blogged about it. I continued to blog about it throughout my treatment which included surgery, dose-dense chemo and 33 rounds of radiation. In December 2008, I started a private group here at CB for survivors of chronic illness. It has been an amazing journey!

It is no secret here that just prior to my two year "cancerversary" I had an aneurysm rupture in my brain shortly after going to sleep. To even survive such a thing is rare. To survive it without any sort of rehab and go back to work within six weeks is... well... considered to be miraculous even by the medical community. Let's just say my neurosurgeon and his entourage did a lot of smiling and even laughing when they would see me those last few days in the hospital.

You can almost guarantee that whenever you see a mighty move of God in situations such as this that the enemy will bring out "the big guns". In my case this was my employer denying my application to receive pay from what is known as the "sick leave pool". This means I received absolutely no pay in January, and a very tiny check in February. We have lost more than half of our income so far this year. My union is now involved and fighting this decision but in the meantime, there are bills to be paid. As anyone knows, this can be a very difficult time, especially when you deal with creditors... and the economy is not good. Sigh...

So often, when things like this happen in our lives we want the problem to be completely whisked away so we can dutifully thank God and go on our merry way. Sometimes, it happens like that. This time, however, God is choosing to do things a different way.

During this time, God has moved upon a few of my friends to bless my husband and I financially. My church provided a $100.00 gift card for groceries and has provided us with meals. Very good ones, by the way! They are also meeting this week to see what they can do to help us financially during this time. I have had countless messages of love and support. The shimmy on my car was due to a low tire which was fixed... no charge. The strange noise turned out to be a stick that got packed in some snow which got wedged behind one of my tires during a recent snow storm. That was easy enough to fix. The list goes on and on...

The point I am trying to make is this. No, God did not instantaneously resolve the problem I was having with my school district. He could have... but He is choosing to do things a different way. Why? I couldn't tell you for sure for I am not God... but He is! :dance:

I can only tell you that it has been such a blessing to my friends to minister to me in various ways. While they certainly don't like to see difficult times fall on me... they are so glad that they have the opportunity to bless me one way or another! Oh, I know this is true for I love to bless them!

In times of trouble and uncertainty, we need to remember that God will never abandon us. We are not forsaken. Things may not play out according to your plan but you can be confident they will be done according to God's plan and His plan is the very best!


K :princess:

Kimberly Wehr @bleedingpoet ·

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I can't imagine what going through a major illness is like but I can see the work God has done in you. You have a lovely spirit, and that is not the norm. My brother had a heart problem his entire life, so I spent a lot of time in hospitals growing up, and let me tell you the spirit of grace that you have is definitely a thing of God. I am so glad that the people of your community, your friends and family have surrounded you and your husband. I don't know what it's like to face a major illness but I do know what it's like to face an empty checking account and a ton of bills. LOL I'm told everyone is broke in college, but it amazes me how many people say that and then walk away like working two jobs and living off Ramen noodles is how I prefer things. But you are right in this, God never turns away from us and His plan may not be our plan but He is God. :)

Luv, Kim

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