The Milestones In Our Lives

On December 3, 2007, I sat staring at a message on my computer which alerted me to the fact that I had a tumor growing within me and there was an 85% chance it was breast cancer. I'd just been with friends celebrating my 47th birthday the night before. It is little wonder that the thought "I wonder if I will reach 50 or even if I will celebrate another birthday?" ran through my mind. My dad and his mother both had cancer and had not lived to see their 50th birthdays. Would I follow in their footsteps? I wondered.

Today is my 50th birthday. Normally I would not write a blog about my birthday but this really is not what this blog is about. It is about milestones. Considering my health history over the past three years, it is small wonder that I consider that I have reached a milestone. I won't repeat those issues in this blog. I've written about them quite a bit over the past three years. Indeed, a few people have thought I've written about them way too much... but I am not writing those blogs for them. If you are not familiar with what I have faced, you can check out my bio. You can read about it there.

We all have milestones in our lives. Sometimes they are goals we have set, sometimes they suddenly loom in front of us and we realize we have unexpectedly encountered a milestone. Regardless of the circumstances, milestones are important. They serve as reminders of where we have been and where we are heading. While we must look to the future, it is important to remember the lessons God has taught us for they enable us to reach the next milestone. If a lesson is not important, God would not be wasting His time teaching it to us now would He! :D

I reached another milestone today and as I am reflecting upon where I have been, I am also thinking about where I am headed. I am remembering that I do not travel this road called life, alone. Jesus walks beside me... not following me but leading me from milestone to milestone. I am remembering that with my hand clasped in His, the VERY best is yet to be!


K :princess:


Happy Birthday, Sister K! And again, thanks for sharing of your testimonies and your walk with God and God Bless you and your family richly! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Happy Birthday and many good years ahead! :birthday: May the Lord continue what He has done and will complete it in the day of Christ. May you grow from glory to glory. :heart::heart:

Thanks for sharing, Sister K

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Did we enjoy the cake?:mrgreen:

Tl Sia @doulos ·

Yes! Yes! Happy & Blessed Birthday Sis! :birthday: Hugs coming at you from here!!! :mrgreen:

Beth M @blest ·

Happy :birthday: K :princess: !!

Errrr, Perhaps I'm a bit late to the party... again...

But I DO like Random blog!

blessings, blest

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