The Miracle Of Life

In January 2009, I posted a blog about my cousin who was airlifted to Las Vegas (she was traveling) for an emergency c-section. At the time, they had not expected that either one of them would make it. That was nearly 22 months ago.

This past Friday, I got an email from my aunt about that same cousin. She had developed pre-eclampsia (last time it was eclampsia) and was being admitted to the hospital. This past Sunday afternoon I received word that they were going to do an emergency c-section once again.

Of course, I contacted a few friends here at CB and posted a prayer request. I'd like to thank all of those people for their prayers and support.

My newest little cousin (I have a lot of them :D) was born this past Sunday at 27 weeks gestation. She weighed one pound, six ounces ( 0.62kg) and is 12 and a half inches long (31.75 cm). She doesn't have a name as yet.

I have posted a picture of her. In order for you to understand just how tiny she is, please take a look at her left arm. Do you see the gold bracelet? Well, that's not a bracelet. That is her daddy's wedding ring. Her wrist was tiny enough to easily slip through the wedding ring.

Yes, we are praising God for what He has done!


K :princess:

Stephanie Johnschafer @sjschafer ·

The birth of a baby is such a blessed event. Thank God she was able to get the care she needed so this little baby could be born. Praise God.