The Missing Link

Several times a year, my husband and I host a small group on finances and stewardship in our home which is sponsored by our church. Earlier today, I needed to send out an email to our group which in addition to other information was also supposed to include a link to a website they needed to register with in order to obtain their materials. In my message I told them all about the wonderful resources they would find on this website for the class they were taking. They would not only be able to view the videos once again, they would also be able to see bonus videos on some other topics we would not be covering but might be of interest to them. There was also a library of articles, some great online tools, a place to ask questions and find answers and so forth.

I gushed on and on about what a great resource this was. It would give them the tools they needed to help them reach their goal and if they had questions they could contact me. All they had to do was click on the link and register.

I am glad that I sent myself a copy of the email and that I bothered to skim through it. You see, I forgot something rather important. I had been so caugt up in telling them about what was available to them that I neglected to provide the necessary link so that they could have access to what had been provided for them. I quickly corrected my mistake via another email. "Oops! I forgot to send you the link. Here it is!" I could talk about these tools all I wanted but it wasn't until people received the link that they began to access and use them.

This incident got me to thinking, are we sharing the "link" that enables to have access to the Kingdom of God? We may talk about it but do we share the how as well as the what and the why. If we do, do we walk away and leave people to figure out things on their own or do we come up along side them to teach, to share and to encourage?


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Patricia Newton @trician ·

Your message is true. I have thought of the Scripture that tells us that the way is straight and narrow and few there be that find it. One day it dawned on me, that maybe, just maybe this was telling us something. People can't find the way on their own. Maybe we should stand at the path and say here. Is the Way. How can they hear without a preacher or the Link. Thanks for the reminder.

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