The Mysterious White Envelope

I sat on the hard church pew, legs swinging as I watched the filmstrip and listened to the story. In many ways, the lives of children in the story were so different than me and yet they loved to hear the missionary tell stories about Jesus just as I loved to hear them from my mom.

As I listened to the story, I learned about another village where the people had not heard about Jesus. Strangers were not welcome. In fact, those people were fierce warriors who kept ferocious, wild dogs.

My little heart ached as I learned about those people. Why didn't they want anyone to come? Why were their dogs so fierce? Why were they so angry... or were they afraid? I shuddered. I loved dogs. I thought about my own loving dog, Rover. He was my friend.

I continued to listen to the story. The missionary tried to persuade some of the men of the village to take her the village with the wild dogs. They all shook their heads. No. They would not do that. Those were very bad people and it was far too dangerous. Then she would go herself! That alarmed the men. No, they would not allow her to do that. If she were to go, it would mean certain death. She did not understand. No, they would forcibly prevent her from carrying out this foolish idea.

One day, a shipment arrived from America. It was filled with gifts for the villagers. Inside one of the boxes was a white envelope. She opened it up and smiled to herself. Rushing outside, she called all of the people of the village to come out an listen to her. She held up the envelope.

She informed everyone that she was going to go to the village of the wild dogs. As people started murmuring that she couldn't do that, shed be killed.

"God says I must go and I must obey God!" She held up the envelope. "This will protect me!"

Of course, everyone wanted to know what was in the envelope but she just smiled and said they'd have to wait and see.

"Now, is anyone going with me?"

Curiosity got the better of some of the men and they consented to take her there. As they traveled through the jungle, the missionary would touch the white envelope which she carried with her and smile. She knew God was with them and He would be with them... no matter what.

As they neared the village, they were greeted by barking and snarling. The men were so terrified they couldn't move. The missionary simply smiled and held up the mysterious white envelope and the dogs... the dogs stopped in their tracks.

"We can go on now, "she told the men, "I told you God is with us." The amazed men followed her down the path and into the village where they were greeted by men with spears.

I would have loved to have seen their faces as they saw their fierce wild dogs obediently following the missionary. It certainly did get their attention. That day, those villagers heard the Gospel for the very first time and as the missionary prepared to leave they extended her an invitation.

"Please, please come back and tell us more about Jesus."

After she had arrived in her home village, the word spread about what had happened. Everyone was curious. What was in that mysterious white envelope?

The missionary had everyone gather together so she could tell them all at the same time.
With a flourish she opened the envelope and pulled out a letter. It was from some people in America who had heard about the village of the wild dogs and her desire to go there. She started to read the letter. "We are praying for you..."

That was the "secret" weapon. That was what stopped wild dogs in their tracks and turned them into friendly, docile dogs. That is what lowered the spears and caused the villagers to listen and open up their hearts. Prayer.

May we learn to pray without ceasing.


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What a poinant story. Prayer promises from and for people no one knew... yet all are in God's family, including dogs in all their wildness. Nothing can stand against... ... ...


Wow! This is sooooo powerful!! Prayer is one of my favorite things to do, yet I know I don't do it enough. :pray: Why do we not do the things we love and keep us closer to Him?


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister K, I can imagine these fervent prayers of those at home must have released God's angels ahead of this missionary to protect and guide her to her goal. How wonderful our God is to help His servants every step of the journey in the works of God. [img] [/img]

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa [img][/img] Silverpen


Only by the power of true prayer and God were they brought to Jesus-very deepest love! Thanks for sharing and may you be Blessed richly! Dave

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