The Open Invitation

All day I have been thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a fellow-Christian. Some of the things they said sounded well and good on the surface perhaps but I found myself chilled to the bone as I considered the ramifications of some of their statements. I was reminded once again that the far-left and the far-right are not quite so far apart as they would have you believe for the ultimate goal of both is to control not only what you do but what you think. 

We live in a fallen world and therefore must have law or we would quickly hurt and even destroy one another. We don't have to look very far into the past to see what happens to a society when a government collapses. While we don't like to admit it, that's when we get an all-to-clear picture of the true nature of fallen man. On the other end of the spectrum, however, is the desire to control individuals to the point that every action, every thought, is governed by whoever is in charge. Idealists have overthrown regimes, promising a utopia, only to set up a new government that strangely resembles the one they replaced, hunting down and trying to silence anyone who dares to voice an opinion different from the status quo. It is interesting to note that those who seem to speak the loudest about freedom and diversity are the very same individuals who fly into a rage at anyone who doesn't tow their line. As I indicated in the beginning, this is neither a left problem nor a right problem, it is a human problem. Those who are bound, seek control in the belief that it will bring them freedom. The problem is, it won't and furthermore, the quest for ultimate control is in vain.

During that same conversation, I found myself thinking, "Even God does not force us to behave or think certain ways." This does not mean God does not tell us how we need to live nor does it mean we do not face consequences when we don't. It means He gives us a choice. 

Unlike "the Right" or "the Left" in today's world, God does not coerce us into the Kingdom of God. He invites us. He gives us an open invitation to come to His table. He invites us to become His children. He invites us to enter in. He invites us to lay down our burdens at the foot of the Cross and follow Jesus. He gives us an open invitation, sealed with Love and even if we shove it aside... it is still there. 

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I think if both the left and the right took a leaf from the prayer of David and realised that "Against thee and thee only have I sinned " they would begin to realise that all apart from upholding the gospel of Jesus is futile for it is against darkness we fight, not one another.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said - God is above politics and in a sense, so to must we be, for our loyalty is to him alone first and foremost.