The Peace Of God

It was the trip of a lifetime. Though she was 80 years old and knew the trip would be strenuous, Ione decided to follow through with a lifetime dream and go to Israel. A friend from her girlhood would be leading the trip and her sister-in-law would be going as well. How excited she was!

A few days after they arrived, the group collected their luggage which had been dropped off for them at the hotel. Oh-oh! Something was wrong. Ione's luggage could not be found. Most of her money had been with her luggage as well as her passport. People frantically searched for her luggage but it wasn't to be found.

It was suggested that perhaps she would need to go to the American Embassy and try to return home. Ione didn't want to leave. Somehow she knew everything would be okay.

Ione's sister-in-law and a couple of friends loaned her clothes for the next few days. Despite losing everything she had brought into the country, Ione did not express anger or bitterness. Instead she eagerly continued to enjoy her trip and trusted that somehow God would work everything out.

A couple of days later, Ione's sister came down to breakfast and said she believed that God had told her Ione's luggage would be found that day. A little while later the tour guide happily announced that Ione's luggage had been found. Oddly enough, although it was found in a public area, nothing had been touched. Everything was there, all of her clothing, her passport and even her money. Everything that had been taken from her was restored.

After returning from her recent trip to Israel, my mom told me this story about her friend Ione. She talked about the perfect peace that Ione had, even when she was wearing borrowed clothing, even when she did not know how long it would take her to get a new passport or what was going to happen. She had perfect peace and confidence that God was in control and would take care of her.

How many of us would be like Ione? Would we rest in perfect peace that God was in control or would we race about murmuring and complaining that God has forsaken us?

May we learn to rest in the peace of God.


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