The Piano...An Unexpected Gift Of Joy!

This is just one of those little surprises you have to share with everyone. :)

As many of you know, I had my first chemo treatment a week ago Friday. First I'd like to thank you for the prayers that have gone up on my behalf from my dear brothers and sisters at I want to assure you that God has been renewing my strength and that although it was not easy, things went far better than what I anticipated. This next week is my "recovery week" so I am looking forward to some time to get renewed and rested in the Lord. I'm currently on a medical leave for the rest of the school year so I can't use the lame excuse of being "busy". I want to turn this time I have that could be considered a curse into a blessing! :cool:

Anyways, back to my story...

While I'm not an accomplished musician by any means and mainly pick at it by ear, I do enjoy plunking on a piano. For many years, while my mom was living out-of-state, I had the old parlor grand I grew up with. Alas, mom came home and since we now live in a multi-level townhouse, a traditional piano just isn't practical.
I've been without a piano since 2000. I used to get a chance to play now and then at my previous church as only a couple of people played and all but one of them was a "plunker" like me. I also had a piano in my classroom for a couple of years but due to increased class sizes and space constraints I had to have it moved out this past fall. There just wasn't room for it:cry:

We had looked at some digital pianos but as much as I wanted one, we just didn't want to go into debt over it. I tried saving for one but it always seems like what little extra money comes our way needs to go help someone else.

Today, my mom called me and asked me to meet her at a music store near her home. I sighed. I'd been through this before. Mom would be curious about this piano and that piano. We'd look and talk about how nice it would be if I had one and how she'd like to get me one if she could afford it. If I kept looking at them, I would continue to be inspired to try to save more diligently. My small piano fund had been depleted to $20.00 because I kept feeling moved to share uh... the wealth.

My husband and I met my mom and the routine began. She introduced me to a nice man named Mark who took me into a private area and showed me two basic but very nice pianos. I have little interest in bells and whistles so they were perfect for me. I was drawn to one in particular which had a beautiful grand piano sound and the keys were weighted perfectly. That's important to those of us who learned on "real" pianos. It looked, sounded and felt exactly like a piano. I commented to Mark that I was old enough to appreciate how far digital instruments had come. He laughed and agreed with me. Then he encouraged me to sample it.

While I was happily playing some hymns and thinking about how good this would be in my fight against chemo brain and loss of fine motor skills, Mark, my husband and mother left the room. I was pretty much oblivious to that. I only noticed the door was shut so I began to praise God for this opportunity to play and even lifted up my voice in song Okay, so that smilie is a whistle not singing. You know what I mean!

Presently, they returned and my mom and husband told me it was time to go. I patted the piano and said I enjoyed having some time to plunk on it. I stepped out of the room and my mom, my husband and even Mark burst out laughing and said "It will be delivered on Tuesday!"

I was stunned. Then I burst into tears, right in a busy store. The sales people (who had heard about my cancer) were all grinning from ear to ear. Everyone laughed. My mom had been working with them and they had given her a teacher discount (it's supposed to be for music teachers and mom's a retired special ed teacher but permission was given in this case) and worked out a few things here and there. Mom had some unexpected money coming in and that would pretty much cover the cost.

What a special gift I received today. A gift from my mom and God:heart: I can't wait for Tuesday. I know exactly where it is going to go!

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

Isn't God good?! Hallelujah! I rejoice with you! Play on!

Lisa Stoughton @everfaithful ·

Wow that is awesome K! I am so happy for you. It gave me chills to read your blog. Pay it forward is a wonderful thing!
Kudos for them!
May the Lord bless your recovery week


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