The Prodigal Kitten

I got the news early this morning. Last evening my son and daughter-in-law had discovered that their two month old kitten had apparently made a run for it and had slipped out the door. She is very small, athletic, black and it was dark outside. Need I say more? 

After a fruitless search, they had hoped she would be on their doorstep in the morning. She wasn't and my daughter-in-law was heart-broken. A year ago my daughter-in-law had three cats. This past summer that number had dwindled down to one as one of the cats who was quite elderly, had passed away and another cat had been seriously injured and unfortunately did not make it. Then little Poe came leaping into her life. She had never had a female cat and with a husband, two boys and a male cat, she was grateful there was now another girl in the house.

I had a busy day planned. I was going to a womens' group at my church that morning. Then there were a lot of errands to run. I was sorry Poe was missing. Last night had been bitterly cold and she was so young. My heart ached for that little kitten and my daughter-in-law but what could I do? 

I could pray. I could pray that Poe was safe and would return home, so I did.

It wasn't a "great" prayer. It was a simple prayer, asking God to take care of a little kitten who brought so much joy to my son's family and bring her safely home. That was it.

A short time later I got a message from my daughter-in-law that included the above picture. She had heard the doorbell ring and when she opened the door, she not only saw a person standing on her doorstep, she also saw Poe!

You know, Poe is just like us. We are happy and safe in the Father's house but then we start thinking about the big wide world out there. We become discontented or perhaps curious and so we slip out the door into what we believe are greener pastures. Sometimes once we are there, we become aware of the danger but not always. Sometimes we wander about blissfully, unaware of our danger. 

The Father does not abandon us. He does not shut the door. Instead He calls to us, pleading with us to return home where we are not only safe and cared for, we are loved. 

When we heed His voice and return home, rather than getting the "scolding" or punishment that we deserve, the Father catches us up in His arms, holds us close and joyfully sends out the word to all who will listen that we are no longer lost but safely home where we belong.

It is time to go home.

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

I have an outside cat. She is always right at your feet when you are walking around outside. Couldn't run her off if you wanted to. She's like the Prodigal sons brother. Never leaves the property. Nice blog K.

Jan Fm @matthewsmama ·

I love this! We have recently adopted a black kitty that looks just like the one in the picture! She was a stray and wandered into our yard one day, starving. I'm so glad your son's and daughter-in-law's prodigal returned. Thank you for this blog and the gentle reminder that we are all prodigals with our loving Father awaiting our return.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

We have a black kitty like this as well. His name is Nix and he is 15 years old. He too was a wanderer but due to changes in local law, his wandering days are over. Turning a cat who used to wander about freely into an exclusively indoor cat is a daunting challenge. It has taken him several years to “adjust” . Fortunately he was always afraid of going out the doors we always use, preferring to use the patio door instead. That made things a bit easier in keeping him from dashing out the