The Rain Puddle

The children were drawn like moths to a light when they saw the large puddle on the playground. They didn't think about the consequences of getting wet when the temperature hovered near freezing and the wind was blowing. They only saw the water and thought about what fun it would be to splash around in the puddles. I understand for I too, loved to splash in puddles as a child... and if the truth be told, I still do!

As the children raced toward the puddle they were stopped by the voice of Mr. D. warning them to stay away from the puddle. Sigh... sadly they stopped short and turned away from the puddle that is, all of them except one boy. This boy, though he had been warned, insisted on continuing his course.

Mr. D. called again to no avail so now it was time for stricter measures to be taken. He got benched. It's no fun to get benched, especially when you must watch your classmates, who listened, have a good time. It's easy to blame others when you get benched when in reality the fault is generally our own.

The boy didn't understand why he got benched. As a child of about eight, he doesn't understand cause and effect very well. Sometimes it seems like we adults often don't always understand it all that well either. He didn't think about the consequences of splashing around in a puddle when the temperature is 34F and he is at school rather than at home. However, Mr. D. did. He didn't forbid playing in the puddle because playing in a puddle is a bad thing in itself. He did it because the consequences of doing it today at school would not be good. When one child refused to listen, he had to suffer the consequences though I daresay the consequences administered by Mr. D. were less severe than what the consequences would have been had he permitted the boy to play in the puddle.

There are times we cannot see the consequences of what we want to do. Often the thing in itself is not "bad", however, God seeing the consequences still tells us "No." Sometimes He gives us no explanation and sometimes, even if He does, we still don't get it. All we can see is that we aren't being permitted to do something we'd really like to do or go some where we'd really like to go or even be with someone we'd really like to be with. The reality is that as "grown-up" and wise as we think we are, we are never going to be as "grown-up" and wise as God is though sometimes we act like we are.

For our own good, we simply must learn to trust and obey God and when we do we will discover that His way really is best.

Oh and by the way, I happen to know that Mr. D. loves puddles too. How do I know this? 'Cause I'm HIS mom!


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Beth M @blest ·

Very good analogy!
How is Mr. D. and the other Mr. D? :wink: Oh, that's off topic, sorry, strike that!
blessings, blest


I liked the story lesson in this blog. It was good that Mr. D was there to give the warning. Sometimes in life I am not paying close enough attention to God's warnings. Then there are times I have made choices without even bothering to seek God for wisdom beforehand. It looked innocent enough, at least externally. I thought I know what to do without His help but then when it didn't work out like I expected, I'd cry out to Him to bail me out of the mess I made. If my heart was truly repentant and I had learned my lesson, His grace would deliver me but their were other times His will was for me suffer the consequence for my choice to teach me wisdom and help me learn discipline. I have learned in life that His "NO!" or "Wait!"" is also an expression of His grace because it is teaching me not to lean to my own understanding but in all my ways to acknowledge Him. When I do, He directs my path. God in His magnificent omniscience has a way of working everything out for my good, even my mistakes and bad choices. Thank God for His grace!

Blessings to you,

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Hi I really enjoyed that story of Mr D and the boy. And yes I saw the lesson.

Thanks - well done Can you give us some more of this style of blog?


Grey Warner @day2day ·

Interesting reflection in the puddle! STOP! There is always at LEAST one in every group isn't there? haha Great must be fun to hear your Mr. D stories remembering your own experiences? Is your son a teacher?

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Loved reading this blog. Great analogy as well.


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