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Earlier today, I read a blog by @hisworkmanshipia entitled How Am I Going To Explain This. In this blog she recounts a dream she had of a patient waking up unexpectedly in the OR. This blog was rather chilling for me to read because you see, something like that happened to me only I was the patient!

I have a history of having a great deal of trouble with most anti-nausea drugs. They make me extremely ill except for one. It worked wonders for me while I was having chemo. My reaction is so severe that the biggest culprit is now listed as an allergy on my chart.

The only anti-nausea drug I am supposed to ever have is a drug called Zofran. This drug is the primary reason that most chemo patients today do not suffer much from severe nausea today. While some people are unable to tolerate it, most people seem to have relatively few side-effects and it is powerful enough to immediately stop the nausea in it's tracks. For someone like me, it is a "miracle drug" and I am very thankful for it and so are my doctors.

My medical chart states that I am allergic to the most commonly given anti-nausea drug. If I am given that drug or any other anti-nausea drug other than Zofran, the drug does exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do. I become violently ill which leads the person to think I need a higher dose so they give me more and ... sigh... you get the idea.

There's an alert at the top of my chart in regards to this. The problem is, the drug I can tolerate is also pretty expensive so it is tempting to try to give me something else. This is what happened in August 2010 and it could have had some pretty serious consequences.

I was having a routine cerebral angiogram six months after a cerebral aneurysm had ruptured without any sort of warning signals one night while I was sleeping. While it is true that for the first part of the procedure I would not be under and I would probably be waking up around the time they finished, that's not quite what happened this time.

I remember abruptly waking up a wave of nausea washed over me. In that instance, I "heard" a command to not move a muscle and I remember the feeling of horror as I recalled that I was on the table have a cerebral angiogram done and I'd better not move. Do you know how terrifying that is?

I managed to squeak out that I was awake and sick. Immediately I heard scurrying around the room and someone shouted, "Don't move. We'll move you!"

I felt a pair of hands come around my head and carefully turn it to the left while another pair held down my hands which were underneath the sheet.

"You're okay, we're got you. Just throw up on the floor."

After things subsided for the moment, I shakily said, "I don't understand why that happened. I've never gotten sick from Zofran before." There was silence for a moment and then I heard someone yell, "Get her Zofran, NOW!"

That's when I learned that I had never been given Zofran at the beginning of the procedure. The decision had been made to try a less expensive drug which they felt would be just as effective and it usually is. However in my case, it wasn't. I cannot have a substitution. I have to have the real thing.

The enemy loves to offer us substitutions. Instead of walking on the King's Highway of Salvation, he tries to entice us to take shortcuts that seem to be simpler, easier and more pleasant. We view these seeming shortcuts through the lenses of The Lust of The Eyes, The Lust of The Flesh and The Pride of Life rather than THE TRUTH and they look pretty good so we wander off chasing after the substitute.

The end result is that as we ingest the substitutes we become sicker and sicker. The only thing that will make us whole is to ingest THE TRUTH which can only be found in Jesus Christ. He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. No one can come to the Father except through Him. Everything else... is merely an ineffective substitute that will get you nowhere. If someone who professes to be a Christian does not believe this, than it is time to re-examine their faith to see if they are indeed... a Christian.


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