The Right Part

The light on my dishwasher indicated my dishes were done. As I pressed the handle to release the door latch, something didn't feel quite right. Sure enough, when I tugged at the door, I couldn't open it. Hmm...

I pressed the latch harder and gave the door a tug. I felt something give way but still the door did not open. I tried harder and then finally, the door opened.

"Something must have been stuck," I muttered to myself.

The next day, however, the same thing happened once again. It didn't take me long to figure out the latch on my dishwasher was broken.

Now those of you who are handymen (or handywomen), would have promptly gone down to your local appliance part store (or whatever they call it), located a new part, come home and probably fixed it in five minutes or less. Not being the least bit handy, I pay a monthly fee so that whenever the large appliances (including my furnance, air conditioner and gas fireplace) at my house need to be repaired, I merely set up an appointment and a nice man shows up to rescue me at no extra charge for parts or labor. princess.gif

I set up the appointment a couple of days ago and at 8:30 this morning, the repairman arrived. After examining the latch, he straightened up and told me that he didn't have the right part for my particular model. It would have to be ordered from the warehouse and they would send it to me via courier.

I was familiar with the drill. I would get it by the end of the day or tomorrow perhaps. I would then give the gas company a call and they would send out another nice man (or perhaps the same one) to install the right part. Then the door to my dishwasher would be just fine.

As I reflected upon this incident, I thought about a couple of things. First of all, I thought about the importance of having the "right part". I don't know much about repairing appliances, engines and so forth but I do know that you cannot just pick up a part designed for model Z and put it in model T92. Sometimes a part is designed to be used in multiple models but unless it is universal, you must be sure you have the right part for the right model. Otherwise, it simple will not work.

Secondly, I thought about how silly and expensive it would be for me to throw away my dishwasher and get a new one simply because the door latch was broken. The thing which was broken could be repaired so to throw it away because it was broken would be very foolish.

Humanity was "broken" by sin. As a result, we do not function properly. God could have merely thrown us away when we became broken but He didn't. Why? Because He loves us and He has the part as well as the ability to repair us and... He is more than willing to do so when we call on Him. Like the repairman, He does not just burst into my "house" to repair me. I have to call on Him. (Romans 10:13)

There will be other times in my life where one way or another, I will become broken and not be functioning properly. This time it is because I allow things to creep into my life which do not belong there. I do not watch and pray. I become complacent, indulge in things I shouldn't do and pretend I cannot hear the Holy Spirit speaking to my mind and heart. When I do these things, terrible things happen. I break down spiritually.

I am very thankful that when this happens, I can still call on God, acknowledge that I am broken and He will help me (1 John 1:9 and Psalm 18) and so can you. Remember though... only God has the right part and only God is capable of doing the repair which will make you whole.


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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Excellent analogy, K:princess: Of course, the secular term is 'throwing the baby out with the bath water'! We lose so much by focussing on the wrong thing. And I realise now this could be more of a sermon than a comment so I'll leave it at that. :clap::clap: Great lessons.


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Another example of the :princess: ability to blog in a spiritually creative manner.


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