The Road That We Must Travel

A few times my husband and I have had the opportunity to visit the "B2Y Ranch" which is the home our dear friends, Kirk M (@Blessings2you) and Beth M (@Blest). They live more than 500 miles away from us so we do not get to visit "The B2Ys" very often but when we do, we always spend a few wonderful days there, enjoying their wonderful hospitality and fellowship.

We have to take several different roads to get to the B2Y Ranch. For the first part of the journey, we zip along at 70 mph (if my husband is driving) on the interstate. Because this is a major road that is fairly well-traveled, you generally can find some place to get gas or get a bite to eat every few miles or so. There are even some rest areas along the way for weary travelers to stop and take a break. Some of these are really quite nice. Usually you can purchase snacks and drinks. Some even have picnic tables, walking trails and sometimes even a playground for children. They are pleasant places to rest on the journey. If you want to make time quickly, you travel on the interstate.

There comes a time though when we must leave the interstate. You see, eventually the interstate is going to begin to gradually turn southwest and we want to gradually go southeast. If we want to reach our destination, there comes a time when we must leave the road we were on and take a new road.

This next road is a highway. There was a time when this road was a two-lane highway. The road has been widened to a four-lane highway. It is a good road but you notice pretty quickly that it is not the interstate. The speed limit is lower. There is not as much traffic. There are no areas that are designated as "rest areas" and there are not as many places to get gas or stop to eat. Knowing this, we always make sure we have plenty of gas before we get on this road because it might be a bit before we can get some more.

What's this? Oh, we must turn onto another road again. If we stay on this road we will end up heading east along the Wisconsin/Illinois border and our final destination would be the bottom of Lake Michigan, not the B2Y Ranch. Oops! It's time to travel a new road and that new road heads S/SE.

This new road leads through couple of larger towns. It is not a desolate as the road we were on but it is not like the interstate either. It is sort of a mixture of the two. The scenery has changed as well. Instead of endless rows of corn, the land becomes more hilly as the road heads down along the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River. Now that is an interesting thing. I live about 20 minutes away from that river and the B2Y's live less than an hour away from it and yet simply following the river to get to the B2Y Ranch would NOT be a good idea. Oh, I would get there... eventually... but in this case the most direct route is NOT the best route. Hmm...

We finally leave The Great River Road which we have been following for some time now and ironically hop back onto the interstate... a different interstate than the one we left behind hours and hours ago. There comes a time though, when we must leave the interstate once again for if we stay on it, we will never reach the B2Y Ranch for now it is going too far west! :cry:

I must exit the interstate at the right time. If I exit too early or too late, I could be wandering about The Great State of Missouri for all eternity. The road has once again changed though. It is still the "right" road, only it is not an interstate nor is it a four lane highway. It is a two-lane highway. Prior to this, I watched for road signs but now there will be no more road signs. I must look for a landmark. I will be in trouble one day if B2Y decides to remove the landmark or cover it up so I can't see it. I would be lost on the back roads of Missouri forever. GULP! Of course, if Blest is cooking and opens her kitchen window I have no doubt that I would then be able to get on the right trail again, LOL!

The final road to the B2Y Ranch is not like any of the other roads. It is not an interstate, it is not a four-lane highway. It is not even a two-lane highway. It is a long gravel lane and at the end of it you must turn right, then left and down the last bit of road before reaching your final destination.

If you go down a gravel road too quickly, you are at risk of spinning out of control. Gravel roads can also do some damage to your vehicle. When you drive any distance on a gravel road you must remember that you are not on a paved road, you are on a gravel road. Gravel roads are prone to getting deep ruts which must be filled and they can be very bad when there is rain or snow. There are generally a rough and rather noisy road when the gravel goes flying about.

In order to get the B2Y Ranch, in order to enjoy the hospitality of my friends, in order to reach my destination... I have to travel on that gravel road. It is not a nice as the other roads. I cannot travel it as fast but if I want to get to where I am going, I must travel it.

In our lives, God will probably require us to travel many different types of roads. Sometimes we will clip along at 70 mph along with everyone else with plenty of places to refuel and re-energize. Other times, we must change direction and stock up before plunging onto a more desolate road. Then we must turn again. Hmm... this is a bit better. Oh, this is really good but now it is time to leave this road or I will end up going back the direction I came.

Sometimes, there will be clear roadsigns marking our path but other times, we will have to creep along and keep our eyes open, watching for the "landmark". Then, we might have to slow down even more, carefully making our way down the gravel path, watching out for any potholes and making our way carefully along it so we do not spin out of control and slide into the ditch.
The one thing we can be sure of is that if we follow God's map and His directions, the roads we travel will be the right one.

There is one more thing. My husband and I always call the B2Ys at a certain point in our journey so they know about what time we will arrive. They are watching and waiting for us and after we make that final turn and are about to pull up our car along side B2Y's van, the door opens. It is Blest and she is waving her hands in the air, rushing out to meet us with open arms and behind her comes B2Y. We are welcomed with open arms and they have everything ready for their weary guests.

There will be a day when we will make that final turn and Jesus Christ will be right there to meet us. He will welcome us with open arms and invite us to come in and dwell with him forevermore. What a glorious day that will be!


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·
:clap: What a wonderful blog! 😉

It brought tears to my eyes! When are you making that trip again?

Great analogy ~ what a day that will be! (to borrow from a song)[quote]There will be a day when we will make that final turn and Jesus Christ will be right there to meet us. He will welcome us with open arms and invite us to come in and dwell with him forevermore. What a glorious day that will be![/quote]
blessings, blest, who is looking forward to the next visit! :dance:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I too thank you for such a wonderful blog and relating just what a journey it is to get from your place to ours. Not many would make such a journey for it is too far or too difficult, but thank God you and your husband have made it not once, or twice or even three times but FOUR if my memory serves me right (plus one you made by yourself). WOW, you must really like us to make that trip so many times. Thank you!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Ahh yes the many roars we must travel in this life to reach the destination we seek.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Yes I was thinking of that journey as well. It was a special time indeed.

Lowell is making a salsa for me now days -it has no hot peppers in it and I love it.

Oh we will have to send some for each of you this fall after he makes this years batch.

Beth M @blest ·

Methinks it is about time for you to make that trip again! :clap:

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog again!