The Simple Blessings In Life

I was very thankful that while I lay sleeping last night, my furnace kicked on. Before I went to bed last night, I realized the temperature was supposed to drop to near freezing overnight. Reflecting that my "hot water bottle" aka my husband, was out of town and my back-up "hot water bottle" aka my cat Nix, had decided to go out prowling, I thought that it might be prudent to turn on the furnace. I'm glad I did.

Instead of shivering with cold this morning, I awakened to a house that was a balmy 68F/20C degrees. However, I realized that I was on my own for breakfast this morning. Often on Sunday mornings, I will awaken to the heavenly smell of my husband fixing me something nice for breakfast. Mmm... I have to say that man knows how to make a good breakfast! Sigh... I was on my own.

Actually, I wasn't very hungry at the moment but with a bit of a tickle at the back of my throat and a bit of a cough, something warm would feel good running down my throat. Really good. Glumly I reflected that I probably had deleted my supply of hot chocolate last spring. Still, I rummaged around the cupboard hopeful that I might find something besides my husband's tea. I am not very fond of either coffee or tea. I prefer the good stuff which is CHOCOLATE! mrgreen.gif

As I pushed aside various containers, my hand suddenly froze as I spied a tin box. I gulped. Was this what I thought it was? It was! It was a tin of premium peppermint hot chocolate a friend had given me. Cautiously I opened the lid and peeked inside, certain that I might have previously rid the can of it's contents and had thoughtlessly replaced the can on the shelf. Oh! The can was not empty! :dance:

Not wasting a moment, I quickly warmed up a cup of milk and stirred in the heavenly mixture of chocolate, peppermint and tiny chocolate chips. I poured it into my favorite mug and took a sip before settling down to write this blog at my favorite website, CB.

The air outside might be rather brisk and I might be sitting in my house alone at the moment but that doesn't mean that God has turned His back on me or is not blessing me. I am safe, I am warm and I am able to write this blog. As an added blessing, I am sipping on chocolate peppermint cocoa while I do it. Let us never overlook the "little blessings" which God so lovingly bestows on us.


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P.S. While I did not have any marshmallows, I did have lots and lots of tiny chocolate chips!

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Let us never overlook the "little blessings" which God so lovingly bestows on us.
It's wonderfully strange how these "little blessings" perk up our hearts, especially when we're alone. It's like "solitude" awakens us to just how precious they are. I enjoyed reading this so much. Thank you for sharing your "little blessing" with us this Sunday morning, because your "little blessing" becomes our's. :wink: