The Tale Of Banana Bread An Ongoing Saga

It started out as a simple gesture. My husband was in grad school and money was extremely tight but he wanted to give something to co-workers during the holiday season. We had some bananas that were quickly ripening so he decided to put them to good use. He bought a few more bananas to mash and made up some mini loaves of banana bread.

People made a big deal about it. Perhaps it was because a loaf of homemade banana bread was the last thing they expected from a middle-aged scholarly-looking man. Perhaps it was because my husband was an employee of an audio video company rather than an employee of the company they worked for. Who knows? I only know it was an unexpected gesture and they loved it.

They loved it so much, in fact, that people began to bring him bananas now and then. So what did he do with those bananas? He made more banana bread to share. 

His source for bananas expanded as he distributed more and more loaves. Now it is not just the occasional individual who provides him with bananas. The cafeteria manager as well as the manager of the Caribou Coffee next door bring him bananas which they can no longer sell and he turns them into delicious banana bread to share.

There are two take-aways that I can think of from this story. The first is that when we want to give, God provides the resources for us to do so. When we faithfully distribute "the bread", God enlarges our territory and provides us the means to give even more.

The second take-away is no one is a throw-away. The mushy, darkening bananas that no one wanted to eat in their present state could be transformed into delicious banana bread if they were placed in the right hands, combined with the right ingredients and placed in the right conditions. Without Christ, we are all "throw-away people" but God did not throw us away. Instead He wants to transform us into loving, joyful people who find joy in serving God as well as others.

Take what you have in your hand, use it for God's glory and honor and He will bless it.

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